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  1. Chief Legislator
  2. 22nd Amendment
  3. Full Pardon
  4. Chief Executive
  5. Commander In Chief
  1. a one person, total legal forgiveness granted by Pres
  2. b 1951, Pres can serve 2 terms, up yo 10 years
  3. c 1. Proposes legislation
  4. d 1. Maintains civilian control of armed forces
  5. e 1. Administers government programs

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  1. Pres will check w/ Senators of their party or of his home state
  2. Pres can veto anything passed by the House or Senate, but a Pres Veto can be overridden with 2/3 vote of both Houses
  3. $400,000 a year
  4. deals with foreign policy, not approved by Senate
  5. 1. Enforces court decisions
    2. Exercises right of pardon
    3. Appoints federal judges

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  1. 25th Amendment1967, Pres Disability and Pres Succession


  2. Pres SuccessionVP can take over when notified w/ letter by Pres that he can no longer carry out his duties, If Pres id unwilling/unable to write letter, VP can take over w/ approval of majority of cabinet (8), which can be challenged by Pres - Pres stays Pres and Congress has 21 days to decide Pres or VP (if no decision, Pres remains), 2/3 vote of House and Senate needed to keep VP


  3. Commuted SentencePres cuts off at time served, doesn't clean record


  4. Patronage Power$400,000 a year


  5. Summit ConferencePres cuts off at time served, doesn't clean record


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