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  1. Pres Succession
  2. Chief Politician
  3. Executive Order
  4. Coup D'Etat
  5. Commuted Sentence
  1. a 1. Leads party
  2. b Pres cuts off at time served, doesn't clean record
  3. c if VP is empty, Pres nominates who he wants, which has to be approved by majority of the House and Senate
  4. d Pres directive that defines new policies or carries out existing laws, Supreme Court can declare it unconstitutional, requires $ and needs Congressional Approval
  5. e violent overthrow of government, Pres has to decide whether to grant diplomatic recognition to overthrown country

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  1. passed over Nixon's veto in 1973, Pres w/in 48 hours must tell Congress what he is doing and why, Congress can stop him by signing a Resolution, if told to get out, Pres has 30 days to do so
  2. Pres can grant pardon to a group of people
  3. $202,000 per year
  4. 1. stated in Constitution
    2. only applies to federal law
    3. cannot be challenged
    4. applies to anything except impeachment
  5. 1. Run department
    2. Advise Pres on matters concerning their department
    3. Represent department in any dealings w/ Congress

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  1. ReprievePres grants legal forgiveness before sentence is served


  2. Chief Diplomat1. Establishes foreign policy
    2. Writes treaties
    3. Grants recognition to new governments


  3. CabinetPres can grant pardon to a group of people


  4. 12th Amendmentprovides procedure for electing Pres and VP


  5. Chief Legislator1. Proposes legislation