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  1. Pres Succession
  2. War Powers Act
  3. 12th Amendment
  4. Chief Politician
  5. Job of VP
  1. a if VP is empty, Pres nominates who he wants, which has to be approved by majority of the House and Senate
  2. b 1. Leads party
  3. c usually selected for balancing the ticket, only duty is to preside over Senate and in case of a tie, VP acts as a tiebreaker, 1949 law passed by Congress made VP permanent member of National Security Council
  4. d provides procedure for electing Pres and VP
  5. e passed over Nixon's veto in 1973, Pres w/in 48 hours must tell Congress what he is doing and why, Congress can stop him by signing a Resolution, if told to get out, Pres has 30 days to do so

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  1. 1. Maintains civilian control of armed forces
  2. Pres can fill jobs, some require Senate approval
    can fire anyone he appoints except fed judges and heads or regulatory agencies
  3. 1951, Pres can serve 2 terms, up yo 10 years
  4. meeting of all world leaders to discuss world issues, Pres goes to as Chief Diplomat
  5. 1. stated in Constitution
    2. only applies to federal law
    3. cannot be challenged
    4. applies to anything except impeachment

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  1. Federal Register1. Proposes legislation


  2. VetoPres can veto anything passed by the House or Senate, but a Pres Veto can be overridden with 2/3 vote of both Houses


  3. Chief Legislator1. stands as symbol for country: for people and ideas
    2. Ceremonial Duties


  4. ReprievePres grants legal forgiveness before sentence is served


  5. Executive AgreementPres directive that defines new policies or carries out existing laws, Supreme Court can declare it unconstitutional, requires $ and needs Congressional Approval


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