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  1. Patronage Power
  2. Electoral College
  3. Czars
  4. War Powers Act
  5. 12th Amendment
  1. a passed over Nixon's veto in 1973, Pres w/in 48 hours must tell Congress what he is doing and why, Congress can stop him by signing a Resolution, if told to get out, Pres has 30 days to do so
  2. b ?
  3. c provides procedure for electing Pres and VP
  4. d Pres can fill jobs, some require Senate approval
    can fire anyone he appoints except fed judges and heads or regulatory agencies
  5. e not appointed by Pres, but have jobs to advise him

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  1. 1. Run department
    2. Advise Pres on matters concerning their department
    3. Represent department in any dealings w/ Congress
  2. 1. stands as symbol for country: for people and ideas
    2. Ceremonial Duties
  3. document issued daily, containing all Executive Orders
  4. Pres can grant pardon to a group of people
  5. Pres will check w/ Senators of their party or of his home state

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  1. Chief Executive1. Administers government programs


  2. Executive OrderPres directive that defines new policies or carries out existing laws, Supreme Court can declare it unconstitutional, requires $ and needs Congressional Approval


  3. Salary of Pres$202,000 per year


  4. State of the Union1. Administers government programs


  5. Summit Conferencemeeting of all world leaders to discuss world issues, Pres goes to as Chief Diplomat