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  1. Salary of VP
  2. Salary of Pres
  3. State of the Union
  4. Chief Politician
  5. Cabinet
  1. a every year in January, Pres gives this speech to the House and Senate, telling where is the US is at, where it ought to be and how to get there
  2. b $202,000 per year
  3. c 1. Leads party
  4. d 15 Cabinets today, must be nominated by Pres and appointed by the Senate to become head of a department, all heads are named Secretary except for the Justice Department which is called Attorney General
  5. e $400,000 a year

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  1. VP can take over when notified w/ letter by Pres that he can no longer carry out his duties, If Pres id unwilling/unable to write letter, VP can take over w/ approval of majority of cabinet (8), which can be challenged by Pres - Pres stays Pres and Congress has 21 days to decide Pres or VP (if no decision, Pres remains), 2/3 vote of House and Senate needed to keep VP
  2. ability to reject only parts of a bill and allow the rest, most state governors have this, but the Pres does not
  3. 1951, Pres can serve 2 terms, up yo 10 years
  4. not appointed by Pres, but have jobs to advise him
  5. 1. Proposes legislation

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  1. Coup D'Etatviolent overthrow of government, Pres has to decide whether to grant diplomatic recognition to overthrown country


  2. Summit ConferencePres cuts off at time served, doesn't clean record


  3. Cottail Effectability of politician in office to get or not get votes for another politician


  4. Job of VP$202,000 per year


  5. Electoral CollegePres will check w/ Senators of their party or of his home state