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3rd Grade Science iLEAP

Freezing and melting water causes rocks to break slowly into small pieces and thus
forms soil
Materials from the soil that plants need to grow are
Soil that is a mixture of clay, sand, and humus is called
What kind of soil has few nutrients?
sandy soil
Decayed matter that becomes part of the soil is called:
Materials that are used over and over again are:
Changing the kinds of plants grown in the soil every few years replaces lost
A shaking or sliding of the earth's crust is
an earthquake
The layer of the earth made of rocks and soil is called
the crust
The natural wearing-down or breaking-apart of rocks is called:
How do scientists study the mantle and core of the earth?
with special instruments
When the earth's crust is changed because soil is moved by wind, this is
wind erosion
________ can help change the earth's crust
A mountain with an opening where lava, ash, rocks, and other materials come out is
a volcano
The earth's crust is usually changed very slowly by
erosion and weathering
In a rainforest habitat, the weather will be
warm and humid
A piece of land that has many trees, plants and a water source, is an environment that would
offer food and shelter to animals
A flagpole uses a ___ to raise the flag up and down.
The planets travel around the sun in a(n)
elliptical orbit.
When snow, rain, sleet or hail fall to the surface of the earth, it is called
What type of motion does a swing on a playground exhibit when pushed?
In winter, some animals ___ in caves or nests until warmer weather arrives.
Force is a _______.
push or pull
People who explore space are called
The careful use and preservation of our natural resources is known as
You would be more likely to see a frog in a
What would happen during a volcanic eruption?
new rock is formed, habitats are destroyed, trees burn
Physical properties of an object?
Weight, texture, color, shape
A slide is an example of an
inclined plane
The following pollutes our air:
automobiles, factories, airplanes
Why do ducks have webbed feet?
To help them swim better
A squirrel that eats nuts and seeds is an example of
a herbivore
There are ___ simple machines that help make work easier.
If we did not have this source of heat on earth, humans, animals and plants could not survive.
The Sun
How long does it take the Earth to make one rotation ?
24 hours
What is the largest planet in the Solar System?
Earth is the ____ planet from the sun.
A storm or sudden frost can ___ plants.
A truck uses ______ to move easier.
A group of organisms of the same kind that live in the same place is a
A seesaw is an example of a
What is blocked when a shadow is formed?
How can land be protected to provide homes for animals?
Set aside areas for parks and wildlife refuges.
Which instrument or tool would you use to examine the skin of a snake?
magnifying glass
A killer whale that eats seals and penguins is an example of a
_____ are energy sources that can be replaced
Renewable resources
A ____ works by changing a circular motion into a straight line motion.
In what season will animals shed their winter coats to prepare for warmer weather?
Some objects vibrate when
The sun heats the water from rivers, lakes, and ponds.
Then the water changes into water vapor.
Which animal group has hair or fur on their bodies?
What are the three forms of water?
Solid, liquid, gas
A rapid back and forth motion is called a
A grizzly bear that eats fish and fruit is an example of an
A lion that eats hyenas and zebras is an example of a .
The reason we have day and night is because the earth revolves around
the sun
Metamorphosis is when an animal goes through changes and looks different as an adult than it did when it was younger. Which animal pair is an example of this life cycle?
caterpillar - butterfly