40 terms

Chapter 10

Following the War of 1812, President Madison endorsed
a national university
Ironically, Thomas Jefferson's embargo in 1807
led to a significant increase in American manufacturing
Following the expiration of the first Bank of the United States in 1811, state banks
issued an excess of paper money
In 1816, when Congress adopted provisions for a new Bank of the United States, who protested?
Old Republicans
Which of the following opposed a national bank in 1816?
Daniel Webster
Senator Thomas Hart Benton, in opposing the new Bank of the United States, spoke for the interests of
the West
John C. Calhoun accepted the Tariff of 1816 because he
expected the South would become a manufacturing center
The idea of federal support for internal improvements
was represented by the construction of the National Road
In the first half of the nineteenth century internal improvements
were supported mainly by people in the West
The American System included support for all the following policies EXCEPT
free public schools
James Monroe
like Madison, was a Virginia Republican
The secretary of state through Monroe's presidency was
John Quincy Adams
The phrase "Era of Good Feelings" resulted from President Monroe's
tour of
New England
The Rush-Bagot Agreement
ended naval competition on the Great Lakes by limiting naval forces there
The Convention of 1818 did all the following EXCEPT
return control of the Southwest to Spain
Under the Navigation Act of 1817, importation of West Indian produce
was restricted to American vessels or vessels belonging to West Indian merchants
Andrew Jackson led American troops into Florida in 1818
in pursuit of hostile Seminoles
The most important factor behind U.S. acquisition of Florida in 1819 was
Andrew Jackson's incursion in pursuit of the Seminoles
The Transcontinental Treaty of 1819
extended the boundary of Louisiana to the Pacific
The immediate cause of the Panic of 1819 was
a sudden collapse of cotton prices
Missouri's admission to the Union as a slave state was balanced by the admission of the free state of
The Missouri Compromise stipulated that in the rest of the Louisiana Purchase north of 36°30"
slavery would be excluded
In the early 1800s, the Supreme Court decisions associated with John Marshall consistently championed
national authority
In McCulloch v. Maryland, the Marshall court struck down that state's ability to tax
the national bank
The Supreme Court in Gibbons v. Ogden settled a controversy over
steamboat commerce
In 1819, Spain decided to take the following stand concerning its claim to the Oregon Country
abandon its claim above the 42nd parallel
In 1824, the United States signed a treaty with Russia concerning
claims in Oregon
In Latin America by the early 1820s
Spain had lost nearly all its colonies
The Monroe Doctrine
depended upon British naval power for enforcement
Andrew Jackson
was elected to the U.S. Senate from Tennessee in 1823
All of the following were presidential candidates in 1824 EXCEPT
John Calhoun
The 1824 election was ultimately decided by
the House of Representatives
One of John Quincy Adams's major shortcomings as president was his lack of
political skills
As president, which of the following did Adams NOT propose?
to create a new national bank
The Tariff of 1828
boosted the presidential hopes of Jackson
The South Carolina Exposition and Protest was published in response to the
Tariff of 1828
One of Jackson's greatest personal vulnerabilities in the 1828 campaign was
the scandal surrounding his marriage
In the presidential election of 1828
Adams won all of New England except for one of Maine's nine electoral votes
By the 1820s, the right to vote had generally been extended to
adult white males
In this new political era, Jackson had a tremendous advantage because of his
rise from common origins