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included Founding Fathers such as Jefferson and Franklin


was especially strong in Boston

Universalists believed that

everyone can be saved

Which of the following religious movements arising in the nineteenth century attracted mainly workers and poor people?


The rapidly growing church that broke away from Anglicanism in the 1780s was the ______ church


Which Protestant denomination "stressed the equality of all before God" and had no authority higher than the congregation?


African Americans found the Methodist and Baptist churches especially attractive because of their

belief in salvation for all

Which of the following could be associated with the Second Great Awakening?

the popularity of camp meetings

Francis Asbury

was the original Methodist "circuit rider"

Camp meetings often gave women an opportunity to

be leaders outside the home

Which of the following is NOT true of Charles Finney?

He was an active Universalist preacher

The first American college to admit both blacks and women was


Joseph Smith

found golden plates whose etchings became the Book of Mormon

Through the 1830s and early 1840s, Mormons

generated hostility from non-Mormons

Brigham Young

led the Mormons to Utah

The rise of Romanticism indicated

recognition of the limits of science and reason

The essayist and lecturer who became the most prominent transcendentalist was

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Henry David Thoreau best exhibited his transcendentalist perspective when he

lived in a cabin at Walden Pond

In response to the Mexican War, Thoreau

refused to pay his poll tax

The literary productions of the 1850s

were of extraordinary quality

Nathaniel Hawthorne

used the themes of guilt and evil in many of his stories

Emily Dickinson

published only a few poems in her lifetime

The writer whose great short stories often featured the "grotesque and supernatural" was

Edgar Allan Poe

The poet Walt Whitman

disturbed some readers with his sexual themes

By the 1840s, newspapers

skyrocketed in circulation

In 1840, American literacy rates

were the highest in the Western world

The Southern state that by 1860 had done the most to advance public education was

North Carolina

By 1840, most colleges

were affiliated with churches

The temperance movement was motivated by all the following EXCEPT

binge-drinking among college students

The American Temperance Union lost many members in 1836 when it

called for abstinence from all alcoholic beverages

Dorothea Lynde Dix directed her reform efforts at

insane asylums

Prison reformers of the early 1800s saw a major objective of the penitentiary as


The woman who wrote the profoundly influential A Treatise on Domestic Economy was

Catharine Beecher

The Seneca Falls Convention

demanded equal rights for women

Members of the Shaker community

practiced celibacy and owned everything in common

Mother Ann Lee was

founder of the Shakers

The founder of the Oneida Community was

The founder of the Oneida Community was

The Oneida Community became notorious for its practice of

complete sexual freedom

All of the following are true of Brook Farm EXCEPT

it was long lasting

Most of the utopian communities of the early nineteenth century

quickly became failures

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