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As president, William Henry Harrison

died after only a month in office

William Henry Harrison

was elected more on his military record than for his stand on the issues

President Tyler infuriated Henry Clay by vetoing his bill in support of

a new national bank

Which leader is described as a president without a party?

John Tyler

The Creole incident

involved the British freeing American slaves after they mutinied and escaped

When editor John L. O'Sullivan wrote of "manifest destiny," he meant that American westward expansion

was sanctioned by God

The Plains Indians encountered by Americans migrating westward

were highly dependent on horses and buffalo

The majority of Spanish-speaking people in the Southwest lived in

New Mexico

Large-scale American emigration to the Oregon Country

began in earnest in the early 1840s

Spain began to settle California in 1769 to protect it from the encroachment of the


Spanish missions established in California

sought to turn Indians into hard-working Christians


usually used Indians as slaves

By the late 1820s, American ships had begun to arrive in California seeking especially to acquire

cow hides and tallow

After Mexico gained its independence in 1821, the Santa Fe Trail established vigorous commerce between New Mexico and


By the 1830s, there was so much commercial activity between Mexico and St. Louis that the Mexican silver peso had become

the primary medium of exchange in Missouri

With the onset of the California gold rush in 1849, Plains Indians, led by the Cheyenne

seized the opportunity to supply buffalo meat and skins to the white pioneers

The stranding of the Donner party in 1846 resulted in

rampant cannibalism

John Charles Frémont

became famous for his western explorations

Most of the American settlers in Texas went there because of

cheap cotton lands

The Mexican ban on American immigration to Texas

was ineffective

In the 1820s, Stephen F. Austin

encouraged thousands of Anglos to settle in Texas

At the Battle of San Jacinto

Santa Anna was captured

Sam Houston's contribution to Texas independence was his

defeat of the Mexican army at San Jacinto

Congress voted to annex Texas

between Polk's election and his inauguration

The Republic of Texas

developed trade relations with Britain and France

According to Henry Clay, annexation of Texas

was "dangerous to the integrity of the Union"

The major factor that delayed Texas annexation until 1845 was

concern over Texas entering as a slave state

In the election of 1844

Liberty party votes in New York cost Clay the White House

Polk's nickname of "Young Hickory" most reflected his

association with Jackson and support for Jacksonian policies

As president, Polk supported all of the following EXCEPT

internal improvements

The phrase "fifty-four forty or fight!" referred to


Polk ordered Zachary Taylor to move his troops to the Rio Grande to

provoke a Mexican attack

The Mexican War erupted when

Mexican and U.S. troops clashed north of the Rio Grande

Among the most vocal opponents of the Mexican War was

Abraham Lincoln

California's Bear Flag Republic

lasted only a month until American rule was established

The decisive victory in the war came with Winfield Scott's capture of

Mexico City

As a result of his victories in Northern Mexico, the Mexican War made a national hero of

Zachary Taylor

All of the following resulted from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo EXCEPT

U.S. troops continued to occupy Mexico

Which of the following statements about the Mexican War is NOT true?

It was one of the most unselfish wars in history

The Mexican War contributed to all of the following EXCEPT

the strengthening of the Union

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