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Selective Incorporation Cases

Gitlow v New York
(1925) Freedom of speech
1st Amendment
Near v Minnesota
(1931) Freedom of the press
1st Amendment
Powell v Alabama
(1932) right to counsel in capital cases
6th Amendment
De Jonge v Oregon
(1937) Freedom of assembly, right to petition
1st Amendment
Cantwell v Connecticut
(1940) Free exercise of religion
1st Amendment
Everson v Board of Education
(1947) No establishment of religion
1st Amendment
In re Oliver
(1948) Right to public trial
6th Amendment
Wolf v. Colorado
(1949) Right against unreasonable search and seizure
4th Amendment
Mapp v Ohio
(1961) Exclusionary rule
4th and 5th Amendments
Robinson v California
(1962) Right against cruel and unusual punishment
8th Amendment
Gideon v Wainwright
(1963) Right to counsel in felony cases
6th Amendment
Malloy v Hogan
(1964) Right against self-incrimination
5th Amendment
Pointer v Texas
(1965) Right to confront witnesses
6th Amendment
Parker v Gladden
(1966) Right to impartial jury
6th Amendment
Griswold v Connecticut
(1969) Privacy
1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th Amendments
Klopfer v North Carolina
(1967) Right to speedy trial
6th Amendment
Washington v Texas
(1967) Right to compulsory process
6th Amendment
Duncan v Louisiana
(1968) Right to jury trial in cases involving serious crime
6th Amendment
Benton v Maryland
(1969) Right against double jeopardy
5th Amendment
Argersinger v Hamlin
(1972) Right to counsel in any criminal case with potential sentence of incarceration
6th Amendment