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Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Gall Bladder and Stomach

Damp Heat in GB

Gb24, Ub19, Lv14, Ren12, Ub20, Gb34, Dannangxue, Du9, Li11, Sj6, St19

GB deficient

*Gb40, Lv8, St36, Sp6, Ren4, Ub18, Ub47

Damp-Heat in UB

Sp9, Sp6, Ub22, Ub28, Ren3, Ub63, *Ub66, St28-disperse

Damp-Cold in UB

Sp9, Sp6, Ub22, Ren3, Ub28, St28, *Ren9-disperse

UB def and cold

Ub23, Du4, Ub28, *Ren4, Ren3, Ren6, Du20-supplement with moxa

Full Heat in SI

Si2, Si5, Ht5, Ht8, St39-disperse

Small Intestine Qi Pain (stasis)

Ren6 & Gb34, *Lv13, St27 & St29, Sp6, Lv3, St39-disperse

Small Intestine Qi Tied

St39, *Lanweixue (btw st36 &st39), Ren6 & Gb34, St25, Sp6, Lv3-disperse

Small Intestine def. & cold

Ren6, St25, St39, St36, Ub20, Ub27-supplement with moxa

Collapse of LI

Ren6, St36, St25, Sp3, Ub20, Ub21, *Du20-supplement with moxa

LI Cold

St25, Ren6, St36, St37, Ub25, *Ub20-supplement with moxa

Cold invading LI

St25, St36, St37-M, Sp6, *Lv3-Major, St27-disperse with moxa

Damp Heat in LI

Sp9/6, Ren3, Ub22, St25, St27, Ren6, Ub25, Li11, Ren12, Ub20, St37, Sp10-disperse

Heat in LI

St25, Ub25, Li11, St37, St44, Li2, Sp6-t, Kd6-t, Ren12-t-disperse

Heat obstructing in Li

Li11, Li4, Sp15, Sj6, Sp6, Li2, St44, St25, Ub25

Qi stagnation in LI

Ren6 & Gb34, St25, Sp15, St37, Sp6, Ub25

Li Dry

St36, Sp6, *Ren4, Kd6, St25, Sp15

ST Qi Xu

St36-M, Ren12, Ub21, Ren6-supplement

ST Xu & cold

St36, Ren12, Ub21, Ub20, Ren6-moxa on ginger-supplement

ST yin xu

Ren12, St36, Sp6, Sp3-supplement

ST Qi Yu

St34, St21, St19, Kd21, Sj6, Pc6, Sp4/Pc6, Gb34, Ren12, St40

ST Fire (or Phlegm-Fire)

St44, St34, St21, Ren12/Ren13-supplement, Li11, Li4, Ren11, Sp15-disperse

Cold invading ST

St21, Sp4, Ren13, St34-disperse

ST Qi rebelling upwards

Ren13, Ren10, Pc6, Sp4, St21, St19-disperse

Damp-Heat in ST

St44, St34, St21, Ren12, Ren13, Li11, Li4, Ren11, St25, St40, Sp9, Ren9-disperse

Retention of Food in Stomach

Ren13, Ren10, St21, St44, St45, Sp4, Pc6, St40, St19, Kd21, Ren12-disperse

Stasis of blood in ST

St34, St21, St19, Kd21, Sj6, Pc6, Sp4/Pc6, Gb34, Ren12, St40, Ub17, Sp10, Li4, Ren11-disperse

ST & SP Qi xu

Ren12/St36/Sp3/Sp6, Ub20, Ub21, Ren6

Kidney Yang xu

Ub23, Du4-M, Ren4-M, Ren6-M, Kid3, Kid7, Ub52 (outer back shu of kid), Jinggong

Location of Jinggong

0.5 cun lateral to Ub52 (L2)

Kidney Yin xu

Ren4, Kd3, Kd6, Kd10, *Kd9-xicleft of yin wei treats anxiety and emotional tension of kid organ

Kidney Qi not firm

Ub23, Du4, Kd3, Ub52, Ren4, Jinggong, Ren6, Du20, Kd13, *Ub32

Kidney Failing to Receive Qi

Kd7, Kd3, Lu7/Kd6, St36, Ub23, Du4, Ren6, Ren17, *Kd25, Du12, Ub13, Ren4, Kd13

Kidney Essence xu

Kd3, Kd6, Ren4, Kd13, Ub23, Du4, Gb39, Du20, Du14, Ub15, Ub11, Du17 & Du16-sea of marrow pts to stimulate nourishment of Brain

Kidney yang xu, water overflowing

Du4, Ub23, Ub20, Ub22, Ren9, St28, Sp9, Sp6, Kd7, Du14, Ub15, Lu7, Ub13, Du12

Kidney yin xu, empty fire blazing

Kd3, Kd6, Kd10, Kd9, Ren4, Kd2, Sp6, Ht5, Lu7, Lu10, Ht6, Du24, Li11

Kidney and Liver yin xu

Kd3, Kd6, *Lv8, Ren4, Kd13, Ub23, Sp6, Ub10

Kidney and Heart not harmonized

Ht7, Ht6, Ht5, Yin Tang, Ub15, Ren15, Du24, Kd3/Kd9/Kd10, Kd6, Ren4, Sp6

Kidney and lung yin xu

Kd3, Lu7/Kd6, Ren4/Kd13, Lu9, Lu1, Sp6, Ub43, Ub13

Kidney and spleen yang xu

Ub23, Du4, Ren4, Ren6, Kd3, Kd7, Ub52 & Jinggong, Ren12/St36, Sp3, Ub20/Ub21, Ren9, *St37, St25

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