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Why is cobalt (co) placed before nickel (ni) on the periodic table of the elements even though it has a higher average atomic mass than a nickel.
Nickel has one more proton
The total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom determines the atoms
Atomic mass
Name the element that has 7 valence electrons and an atomic mass of 19.00
Iodine would have chemical properties most like
Chlorine cl
Which of the following elements is classified as a metal
Silicons position on the periodic table can categeorize this element as a
The group 2 elements are better known as
The alkaline earth metals
Group 17 the halogens are also known as being
Salt formers
Group 3-12 are commonly known as the
Transition metals
Which of the following atoms has six valence electrons?
All of the elements in a group have the same number of
Valence electrons
Which statement best describes the density of an atoms nucleus.
The nucleus occupies very little of the atoms volume but contains most of its mass
Which family on the periodic table is the most reactive?
The alkali metals
The three basic components of an atom are
Protons, neutrons, and electrons
An element is determined by the number of
The nucleus of an atom consist of
Protons and neutrons
A single proton has what electrical charge?
Positive charge
Which subatomic particles have approximately the same size and mass as each other?
Protons and neutrons
Which two subatomic particles would be attracted to each other?
Electrons and protons
The atomic number of an atom is
The number of protons
A berryluim atom has 4 protons 5 neutrons and 4 electrons. What is the mass number of this atom?
An electron dot symbol for an element shows that elements symbol and an arrangement of dots that indicates the
Atomic mass
Which element has an atomic number of 15
The noble gases are often described as being inert which means they do not react with other elements. What property of the noble gases makes them unreactive?
All noble gases have a full octet (8) of valence electrons in their outer shells
How many rows or periods are on the periodic table
The row an element is located in directly corresponds to
The energy level which the last electron is placed in
The eighteen vertical columns of the periodic table are often referred to as
The seven " rows" running left to right across the periodic table are commonly called
The greates number of elements are classified as
The illustration shows the upper right section of the periodic table how are the elements in the lightly shaded region to the right classified
Non metals#30
The illustrations shows the upper right section of the periodic table. Which section of the table represents the metalloids
Dark shaded section in the middle#31
The table list properties of some elements. Which of these elements belong to the third period of the periodic table?
Sodium and chlorine
Which of the following atomic particles is electrically neutral
Why is helium included with the noble gases, even though it has only two valence electrons?
The s sub-orbital can only hold 2 electrons
How many valence electrons are available for bonding for all the elements in the alkaline earth family?
how many valence electrons are available for bonding for all the elements in the halogens
Why is hydrogen placed above the alkali metals even though it is a nonmetal?