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The immovable joints of the skull are called
In the center of the diaphysis
Ossification in a long bone starts
Cranial bones & sternum
Membranous ossification occurs in the
Sesamoid bone
The patella is considered a
Skull & sternum
In the adult, active red bone marrow is found in the
Found in the medullary canal & fat storage
Yellow marrow is
Cells responsible for the ossification of bone are the
Provides movement
Which is not a function of the skeletal system
Liver & spleen
Blood cell production in the fetus occurs in the
Thin covering if all bones& diaphysis of long bones
Compact bone is found
First cervical vertebra is called the
7 bones
The pelvic girdle is composed of
Ball & socket
The synovial joint which provides the greatest range of motion is the
Bones are held in place at a joint by strong bands of connective tissue called
Radius, ulna & femur
The following are all part of the appendicular skeleton
Skull sternum & vertebral column
The axial skeleton contains the following
The outer covering of all bones which plays an important role in the growth, development, and repair a bone is the
In age related degenerative condition of the joints is known as
Small, fluid filled sacs found in and around synovial joints which lubricate and pad tendons are the
Intervertebral joints & acromioclavicular joint
Fibrocartilage slightly movable joints are found in the
Osteoclasts activity to increase & blood CA++ levels to increase
Parathyroid hormone secretion causes the
Red bone marrow
Hematopoiesis in the adult occurs primarily in the
The bone which is responsible for the stabilization of the shoulder because of its extensive muscle attachment is the
Gliding joint
The carpals are an example of a
Rheumatoid arthritis
An auto immune disease which affects people of various ages which causes severe deformity in the joints and whose cause is not well understood is the
2nd class
Lever in which work is on the left the force is up in the middle and the triangle is on the right
Compact bone
The haversian canal system of organization is only found in which type of bone
The substance and bone which allows it to withstand compression as well as a slight degree flexibility without breaking is
The stretching or tearing of ligaments is known as
A deep depression in a long bone in which muscle is attached or located is called a
Hyaline cartilage
The articulating surface of a bone is covered with
The number of vertebrae making up the lumbar section of the vertebral column is
Which bone is not part of the pelvic girdle
A structure associated with a Haversian canal is a
What is the total number of bones in the foot
The study of the different tissues of the body is called
Pseudostratified columnar epithelium
Most of the respiratory tract is lined by
Glands which secrete their products by exocytosis and there is no loss of cytoplasm of the secretory cell is what type of gland
Cardiac miscle
Muscle tissue which is stratified and forms extensive junctial complexes and has the presence of intercalated discs and only one nucleus per fiber is
Non striated & involuntary
Smooth muscle is
Nervous tissue
Tissue that is specialized for the conduction of electrical impulses is called
Epithelial cells exhibit modifications that adapt them for
Nutrients reach epithelial cells by
Red blood cells
The cell which accounts for almost half the volume of blood is the
Blood plasma
And blood the intercellular matrix is
Lining the blood vessels and lungs
simple squamous epithelium is found in the
The glycoprotein chondroitin sulfate would be found in the matrix of
Muscle tissue
Tissue that is specialized for contraction is
The dominant fiber and loose connective tissue is
Simple squamous epithelium
Which type of cell does not have a large intercellular matrix
Framework, transportation, protection, storage
Functions of connective tissue
Most rigid of all the bodies tissues is
Simple squamous
The type of epithelium that is found lining the blood vessels and other circulatory structures is
Muscles and nervous tissue you have the ability to react to a stimulus this is called
Phagocytic connective tissue cells are the
Fibrous connective tissue is composed primarily of
Pseudostratified epithelium is found in the
A group of similar cells which work together to perform the same function is a
Has a very good blood supply
Unlike Cartlidge, Bone
Protection, secretion, permeability
Functions of epithelial tissue include
Epidermis and dermis
What two layers make up the skin
Which of the following is not a mechanism of heat loss by the skin
Which structure acts as the thermoregulatory center and sends out appropriate signals to effectors and (sweat glands) to help regulate temperature of the body
Apocrine sweat glands & sebaceous glands
Which of the following is associated with a hair follicle
Flat, dead cells
The top layer of the epidermis is made of
From which of the following does the basic structure of hair and nails form
Contracts and relaxes muscles
Which of the following is not a function of skin
Sensation, protection, excretion
functions of the skin
Arrector pili muscles
Smooth muscles that produce goose pimples when they contract are
Corny him, lucidum, granulosum, Spinosa, germinativum,
The order of the layers of the epidermis from superficial to deep is
Most important function of the skin is
Hair follicles, nails, sweat glands, sebaceous glands
Accessory structures of the skin include
Vitamin D
Which of the following vitamins is synthesized by the skin
Which of the following, if any, is not found in the dermis layer of the skin
The layer of the skin that contains the blood vessels and nerves that supply the surface of the skin is the
Hair follicles
Which of the following are tubelike pockets of epidermal cells that extend into the dermis
The basic determinant of skin color is the quantity of
Sole of the foot
In which area of the body would you expect to find and especially thick stratum lucidum
Eccrine sweat gland
The most numerous, important, and widespread sweat glands in the body are
Sebaceous glands
Glands that discharge and oily secretion into the hair follicle is the
Subcutaneous layer
Deep to the dermis Lies a layer of loose and dense connective tissue in adipose tissue called the
Light touch
Meissnere corpuscles I specialize nerve endings that make it possible for skin to detect
Stratham Germinativum
The layer of epidermis that contains cells undergoing mitosis is the