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Chapter 13 Removable Media

If you have two floppy disc drives in your system, which one receives the drive letter A?
The drive at the end of the floppy cable
A CD-RW has a speed rating of 121032 what do the three numbers refer to?
Write, rewrite, read
While studying abroad, you purchase brand new Blu-ray Discs produced in China. After returning to the U.S., you find they will not work in your Blu-ray Disc player. What is most likely the problem?
The Blu-ray Discs have a C region code.
Which term describes the capability to burn files to a CD-R and then come back later and burn additional files?
If the floppy disk you use last week will not work today in your floppy drive, what should you do first to determine if the problem is the drive or the disk?
Try another disk in the drive or try the disk in another drive
To install a floppy drive as the A: drive, what must you do?
Plug it into the end connector of the ribbon cable
Which standard covers DVD-ROM technology?
Which type of flash memory card is currently the most popular?
Secure Digital
Which of the following can be bootable media?
All above CD-R disc, Floppy disk, USB thumb drive
Which of the following kinds of discs is the best choice for performing regular backups?
You just installed a floppy drive and you notice that the floppy drive LED stays on. What is most likely the problem?
You did not attach the colored stripe on the ribbon cable to pin 1 at the drive or at the controller
What type of device must be installed on your system so you can access data on a flash memory card?
Card reader
You are looking for a CD-RW drive that can write CD-Rs at 48x, read CDs at 52x, and write CD-RWs at 32x. Which of the following answers meets your specifications?
What type of DVD can store 15.9GB of data or more than eight hours of video?
Double-sided, double-layered
What is the minimum capacity of a DVD?
When you insert a CD, the AutoPlay feature of Windows looks for what file?
You can save a copy of a CD or DVD as what type of file?
Both CD and DVD drive speeds are based on multiples of the original CD-ROM drive speed. What is that speed?
What settings in the BIOS setup must you change to install an optical drive?
None, because an optical drive is not configured through the CMOS setup
What kind of disc must you use in a non-PC CD burner that works with your stereo system?
Music CD-R
Which type of flash memory card is currently the oldest?