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African American history

social studies history cards
prejudice based on race
unequal treatment based on a persons race, gender, or religion
social separation of people especially based on race
the feeling of being held back by sever and unfair force
Descirbe what life was like for free blacks in the North.
They were free but still discriminated against by their race, unequal treatment, and low paying jobs
What invention caused the spread of slavery and cotton? Who invented it?
Cotton gin made by Eli Whitney
Why did non-slave owners support slavery?
Without it there would be an economy down fall
How did owners control their slaves?
Whipping, beating, branding, and other forms of torture
Most slaves feared what the most?
Being sold away from their family
What percent of slaves worked in the fields? What were the conditions?
75% Worked in fields all day then had to do more chores after done working, barley any time to eat
If a passage is writen by a historian it is an example of what kind of person?
Secondary source
If a passage is writen by someone that experienced what is being writen about it is an example of what kind of person?
Primary source
What are 4 ways slaves resisted slavery?
acted sick, dumb, or insane, broke tools, sloppy work, and stole food
What were 3 ways that slaves did to cope with their lives?
went to church, danced, and sang