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Present Tense

-What's happening now . . . also used to show a habitual action or state of being
ex: She attends church. (normally ends with an "s")

Past Tense

-Tells something that happened in the past but didn't continue into the present
ex: She attened church. (normally ends with an "ed")

Future Tense

-Tells something that is going to happen in the future
ex: She will/shall attend church. ("will/shall")
-- The present tense of "to be" + going to/ about to + verb
ex: She is going to attend church

Present Perfect Tense

-Tells something that occurred at an indefinite time in past OR something that began in the past and in the present
ex: She has attended church for many years.
----- HAS or HAVE (important words)

Past Perfect Tense

-Tells something completed at some time in the past before something else
ex: Sue had attended a different church
------ HAD (important word)

Future Perfect Tense

-Tells something that will be completed before some definite time in the future
ex: By the end of the year, Sue will have attended many church services.
------ WILL HAVE

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