10 terms

Unit 8 - Molarity

Molarity Formula
M = mol solute/ L of solution
Molality Formula
m = mol solute/ kg of solvent
% Composition Formula
Grams solute/ Grams of Solution X 100
PPM ( parts per million ) Formula
ppm = Grams of Solute/ Grams of Solution X 100
Mole Fraction
X = mol of part ( Solute/Solvent) / mol solution
Polar solutes are soluble in Polar solvents by ______.
Non-Polar are soluble in Non-Polar solvents by ________.
London Dispersion Forces
Ionic Solutes are soluble in Ionic Solvents by ______ ______.
Ionic Attractions
Ionic solutes are sometimes soluble in water by ______.
Molecule-Ion attractions
Solubility of Substances is determined by ______.