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Salio, Salire, Salui, Saltum

(Latin) "To jump", "To leap"-
insult (n.) (v.)
result (n.)
somersault (v.) (n.)


tr. v.- 1. To attack violently; to assault
2. To attack with words; to ridicule or criticize harshly
Syn: abuse
Ant: aid
assailant (n.)


adj.- 1. jumping from one thing to another; rambling
2. Haphazard or random
syn: erratic
ant: consistent


intr. v.- To rejoice greatly; to be triumphant
syn: celebrate
ant: mourn
exultant (adj.)
exultantly (adv.)
exultation (n.)


adj.- 1. Capable of returning to the original shape after being bent or stretched
2. Buoyant; recovering quickly from illness, change or misfortune
syn: effervescent
ant: inflexible
resilience (adj.)


adj.- 1. Conspicuous; striking
2. Projecting up or out
syn: impressive
ant: inconspicuous
saliently (adv.)

Valeo, Valere, Valui, Valitum

(Latin) "To be strong"-
equivalent (adj.)
prevail (v.)
valiant (adj.)
valid (adj.)
value (n.)


intr. v.- To recover health after illness
syn: advance
ant: damage
convalescence (n.)


tr. v.- To use to one's own advantage
syn: assist
ant: hinder


adj.- Widely occurring or in general use.
syn: common
ant: uncommon
prevail (intr. v.)
prevalence (n.)


n.- Heroic courage; bravery
syn: determination
ant: cowardice
valorous (adj.)

Volvo, Volvere, Volvi, Volutum

(Latin) "To revolve"-
involve (v.)
revolve (v.)
revolution (n.)
vault (n.) (v.)
volt (n.)


intr. v.- 1. To develop gradually
2. To change from a simpler to a more complex form of animal or plant life
syn: increase
ant: decrease
evolution (n.)
evolutionary (adj.)


adj. Speaking in a steady, easy flow of words; talkative; glib
syn: chatty
volubility (n.)
volubly (adv.)

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