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Complication of AAA repair

Ischemic colitis, due to decreased perfusion in region of IMA (sacrificed during surgery or from clamped aorta)
Sx: POD1-3-ish pt may have bloody bowel movement and complain of left-sided abdominal pain
Dx: Clinical? (can see ulcerations with colonoscopy)

Ischemia-reperfusion syndrome

= Compartment syndrome following ischemia
More than 4-6hrs of ischemia, tissues can suffer intracellular and interstitial edema upon reperfusion
Complication following an embolectomy
Sx: 5 P's of compartment syndrome, compartment pressure >30mmHg
Tx: Fasciotomy


Clinical diagnosis
Serial ABIs to follow (USMLEworld says to establish the diagnosis)
Duplex scanning (?) detect which vessels involved
Angiogram for surgical planning

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