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No puedo respirar/tragar bien.

I couldn't breathe/swallow well.

Me mejoré rapidamente.

I got better quickly.

Tuve una fiebre

I had a fever

Tuve un resfriado.

I had a cold

Tuve la gripe.

I had the flu

Tuve bronquitis.

I had bronchitis.

Tuve pneumonia.

I had pneumonia.

Tuve una cita.

I had an appointment.


I rested.

Guarde cama.

I stayed in bed.

Tomé asprina.

I took an asprin.

Tomé pastillas.

I took some tablets

Tomé píldoras

I took some pills

Tomé antibioticos

I took antibiotics

Tomé jarabe para la tos

I took cough syrup

Estuve mareada

I was dizzy

Estuve cansada

I was tired

Estuve debil

I was weak

Estuve enferma

I was sick

Estuve nerviousa

I was nervous

Estuve deprimido

I was depressed

Fui al medico

I went to the doctor

Me examinó el doctor

The doctor examined me.

¿Qué te pasó?

What happened to you?

¿Adónde fuiste el martes pasado?

Where did you go last tuesday?

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