Wordly Wise 3000 Book 10 Lesson 18

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we spend our whole lives becoming ourselves, when we are born as no one else.


relating to sound or hearing; the properties of an enclosed space that affect sound quality


a collection or gathering of people or things, a fitting together of parts


inspiring great respect or admiration, noble


protection, support, or guidance, patronage


to criticize unimportant things, to quibble; a minor criticism


a person in charge of an exhibition, an overseer of a museum or library collection


still existing, not lost or destroyed


the entire range of something


incapable of being expressed in words


sweetly flowing, pleasant to the ear


a person's manner, appearance, or expression, bearing


a person or thing without an equal; having no equal, superb


a green film that forms on copper exposed to the elements; a beautiful surface finish, the result of age and proper care


fully absorbed, engrossed; filled with deep pleasure, enraptured


to revive from unconsciousness or apparent death, to revive or restore to health or vigor

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