ARH Test 2

Inn of the Salvius
1 C. AD
Inn of the Street of Mercury
62-79 AD
Inn of the Seven Sages
100 AD Ostia
The Samnite House
100 BC
House of Sallust
200-80 BC
House of the Griffins
80 BC Rome
Imperial Villa of P. Synistor
40 BC Boscoreale
House of Livia on the Palantine
30 BC Rome
Late Republican Painting Farnesina Villa
20 BC Rome
Painting from Villa at Boscotrecase
15 BC-15 AD Campania
House of Lucretius Fronto
35-45 AD
House of the Vetti, Triclinium
62-79 AD
Warren Cup
15-30 AD
Arrentine Bowl
1-30 AD Arezzo
Ortiz Perfume Flask
25 BC-14 AD Ostippo, Spain
Suburban Baths
Cunnilingus Scene, Lamp
1 C AD Cyprus
Cameo Glass Fragment
50 AD
Phallic Bells, Tintinnabulum
1 C AD Herculaneum
Via dell'Abbondanza
79 AD
Pistrinum, Bakery, Ithyphallic Mercury
62-79 AD
House of the Evil Eye Prophylactic Symbols
House of the Menander
1 C AD
Prostitutes and Men Drinking Cup
60 BC Greek
Bronze Hand Mirror
69-96 AD Rome
Villa of the Mysteries
40 BC