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Inn of the Salvius

1 C. AD

Inn of the Street of Mercury

62-79 AD

Inn of the Seven Sages

100 AD Ostia

The Samnite House

100 BC

House of Sallust

200-80 BC

House of the Griffins

80 BC Rome

Imperial Villa of P. Synistor

40 BC Boscoreale

House of Livia on the Palantine

30 BC Rome

Late Republican Painting Farnesina Villa

20 BC Rome

Painting from Villa at Boscotrecase

15 BC-15 AD Campania

House of Lucretius Fronto

35-45 AD

House of the Vetti, Triclinium

62-79 AD

Warren Cup

15-30 AD

Arrentine Bowl

1-30 AD Arezzo

Ortiz Perfume Flask

25 BC-14 AD Ostippo, Spain

Suburban Baths


Cunnilingus Scene, Lamp

1 C AD Cyprus

Cameo Glass Fragment

50 AD

Phallic Bells, Tintinnabulum

1 C AD Herculaneum

Via dell'Abbondanza

79 AD

Pistrinum, Bakery, Ithyphallic Mercury

62-79 AD

House of the Evil Eye Prophylactic Symbols


House of the Menander

1 C AD

Prostitutes and Men Drinking Cup

60 BC Greek

Bronze Hand Mirror

69-96 AD Rome

Villa of the Mysteries

40 BC

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