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Vehicle Accident Injuries and Treatment Test

flail chest
three or more adjacent ribs broken in two or more places
vehicle extraction
removing victims from a vehicle (hearst tool or Jaws of Life)
traumatic brain injury (TBI)
brain injury that occurs when the head is struck or hit by some external force
emergency medical system (EMS)
get help for scene of crash, etc. 911
diffuse axonal injury
injury that occurs between different parts of the brain that results in twisting of the brain
advanced cardiac life support
myocardial contusion
a bruise of the myocardium caused by blunt trauma to the chest
an inflammation of the peritoneum (cavity)
bowel sounds in the chest (listening: ears or stethoscope)
bones rubbing against each other
signs of flail chest
chest pushed forward and crepitance (uneven breathing)
signs of abdonimal injury
bruising, pain, tenderness, rigidity
leading cause of MVC's
aortic rupture
hazards w/vehicle extractions
fire or explosion, unexploded charges, and vehicle shifting (rolling onto rescuers)
interventions w/ vehicle extractions
stabilize patient, perform basic vitals, ABC's, cervical collar, EMS