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  1. Betty Friedan
  2. infringe
  3. EEOC
  4. affirmative action
  5. sit-in
  1. a to violate
  2. b Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  3. c businessess and schools were encouraged to give preference to members of groups that had been discriminated against in the past.
  4. d A form of protest in which people sit and refuse to leave
  5. e 1960s; wrote "The Feminine Mystique," an account of housewives' lives in which they suboordinated their own aspirations to the needs of men; bestseller was an inspiration for many women to join the women's rights movement

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  1. two languages
  2. the first African American student to enroll in University of Mississippi by order of a federal court
  3. rights granted to all citizens
  4. refusal to obey laws considered to be unjust
  5. protests against segregation on interstate busing in south

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  1. black codes1953- Chief Justice appointed by Eisenhower; more liberal than expected


  2. NAACPNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People


  3. Montgomery Bus Boycott1965 law banning literacy tests and other laws that kept blacks from registering to vote


  4. segregationseparation, especially race


  5. ghettosEqual Employment Opportunity Commission