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  1. Maggie Kuhn
  2. infringe
  3. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
  4. Martin Luther King Jr.
  5. Stokely Carmichael
  1. a militant leader who argued that African Americans should fight back if attacked. Carmichael and others developed a new approach called "Black Power".
  2. b to violate
  3. c forced to retire at 65; organized Gray Panthers against age discrimination and protested in D.C.
  4. d organization coordinated nonviolent civil rights protests across south
  5. e influential civil rights leader, assasinated in 1968

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  1. separation, especially race
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  3. 1954 case in which Supreme Court ruled that "separate but equal" education for black and white students was unconstitutional
  4. to open to people of all races or ethnic groups
  5. the first African American student to enroll in University of Mississippi by order of a federal court

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  1. Jim Crow Lawslaws meant to enforce separations of white and black people in the south


  2. sit-inprotest in which people sit in a place and refuse to move until their demands are met


  3. Plessy vs. Ferguson36th President of the United States.He was sworn in as President on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.


  4. freedom ridesprotests against segregation on interstate busing in south


  5. Montgomery Bus Boycott1965 law banning literacy tests and other laws that kept blacks from registering to vote