20 terms

Business chapters 7&9

the management function concerned with anticipating future trens and determining the best strategies to achieve an
organization's goals and objectives is known as:
______ is the management function of creating a vision for the organization and guiding, training, coaching and motivating employees to help achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.
when managers determine that an organization is not making sufficient progress toward achieveing its golas and objectives
and they develop corrective measures, they are involved in:
the type of planning that is concerned with developing detailed short term actions about what is to be done, who is to do it, and how it is to be done is known as ____ planning.
developing tactical plans and controlling
middle managers are responsible for:
technical and human relations skills
supervisory managers spend most of their time on:
technical skills
rob intends to major in accounting because he is confident that an ability to read and interpret financial and accounting data is the way to get to the top in business. Rob seems to be concerned with developing his:
the ______ style of leadership is characterized by making managerial decisions without consulting others.
both a vision, moral and ethical foundation for growth
best summarizes the type of leader future organizations are likely to need?in the future, organizations will need leaders who supply:
____ is the creation of goods and services using land, labor, capital, entreprenurship, and knowledge.
good experiences for those who use the service
operations management in the service sector is focused on creating:
continuous process
a production process characterized by long production runs to turn out inished goods over time is known as a
large quantities of limited variety of products at very low cost
in the past, the idea behind mass production was to:
produce goods using less of all types of resources
the main objective of lean manufacturing is to:
facility layout
____ is the physical arrangement of resources in the production process.
materials requirement planning
MRP is the acronym for:
six sigma approach to quality control
_____detects potential problems early to prevent their occurrence
reducing time to market
millennium a leading producer of environmentally friendly cleaning agents is looking for a site for a new production facility. the company is mainly focusing on sites that are close to major highways and rail hubs and are not too far from some major population centers. this suggests that an important consideration for millennium is:
become certified in ISO 9000 standards
xsport industries is a us based manufacturer of sporting goods. recently, it has decided to make a major push to sell its products in the european union. in order to succeed in this new market xsport will need to:
A must be completed before B can begin
A PERT network consists of activites linked by arrows. Suppose two of the activites on the network are labeled A and B. An arrow from A to B indicates that: