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  1. Amendment 10
  2. Amendment 13
  3. Amendment 5
  4. Amendment 6
  5. Amendment 21
  1. a Rights not given to federal government given to states
  2. b Prohibition repealed
  3. c right to trial by jury with witnesses and a lawyer
  4. d right to due process
  5. e slavery abolished

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  1. keeps all 3 branches equal Examples: Senate must approve presidential appointments, the President can veto laws passed by Congress, Supreme Court can declare laws unconstitutional
  2. Makes laws, two houses: House of Representatives & Senate
  3. must be 35 years old and a natural born citizen, 1 term is 4 years
  4. President rejects a bill passed by Congress. Congress can override with 2/3 vote
  5. No cruel and unusual punishment

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  1. Amendment 18Prohibition, alcohol not allowed in U.S.


  2. Executive Branchdeclares laws constitutional or unconstitutional, interprets the law


  3. Bill of Rightsthe right to vote


  4. Senate100 senators, 2 per state, equal representation


  5. House of Representatives2 year term, must be 25 and a citizen for at least 7 years