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  1. Supreme Court
  2. Checks and Balances
  3. Senator
  4. Amendment 2
  5. Amendment 14
  1. a citizen if born in the U.S., Bill of Rights applies to states
  2. b right to bear arms
  3. c 6 year term, must be 30 and a citizen for at least 9 years
  4. d 9 justices who serve for life
  5. e keeps all 3 branches equal Examples: Senate must approve presidential appointments, the President can veto laws passed by Congress, Supreme Court can declare laws unconstitutional

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  1. women can vote
  2. goals of the Constitution
  3. Prohibition repealed
  4. Prohibition, alcohol not allowed in U.S.
  5. advisers to the president

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  1. Amendment 4search and seizure/police must have a warrant and a probable cause.


  2. House of Representatives435 representatives, number of representatives based off of state population, tax laws start here


  3. Amendment 6right to bear arms


  4. Amendment 3no quartering of troops


  5. Elastic ClauseCongress can make laws that are necessary and proper