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  1. Amendment 5
  2. Suffrage
  3. Powers of the President
  4. Impeach
  5. Bill of Rights
  1. a right to due process
  2. b 1st 10 amendments, protects people's individual and civil rights
  3. c veto laws, appoint judges, make treaties, Commander in Chief
  4. d the right to vote
  5. e accuse an official of crimes and bring them to trial. House impeaches, Senate holds trial can only be removed from office and barred from holding office if convicted.

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  1. goals of the Constitution
  2. women can vote
  3. 18 to vote
  4. no quartering of troops
  5. African-Americans can vote

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  1. Amendment 6no quartering of troops


  2. Amendment 10Rights not given to federal government given to states


  3. Amendment 8right to due process


  4. Representative100 senators, 2 per state, equal representation


  5. Amendment 21freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition


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