Fine Arts Exam 2

Multipurpose hall developed by Roman Catholic Church
Center of basilica with much open space and light
the nave
What is the Biblical art that mixes architecture and sculpture to make religious characters more lifelike?
What style of work involved dark shadows, night scenes, suspense and biblical references?
What are the 2 periods in which the art and architecture of the high middle ages is divided?
Romanesque and Gothic
What were the most treasured medieval possessions, specifically, large woven hangings called?
What is the earliest Romanesque pilgrimage church still standing
Abbey church of sainte-foy
What is a technique used in which colored yarns are sewn to an existing woven background?
What is the term applied to someone who is very well informed about, or very good ar doing many different and often unrelated things?
Renaissance Man
What is this work called and who is the artist?
Michelangelo- Sistine Chapel imange 16.9
What is the term of Leonardo da Vinci's specialty and does it it consist of?
From the Italian word for "smoke", a technique of painting in thin glazes to achieve a hazy, cloudy atmosphere
What ancient idea resurfaced in the Renaissance?
Greek and Roman values
What does the term Renaissance mean?
"Rebirth" and it refers to the revival of interest in ancient Greek and Roman culture that is one of the key characteristics of the period.
Which person earned the title "Renaissance man"?
Leonardo Da Vinci
Where is the vatican located?
What piece of Michelangelo's work has become his best known?
Sistine Chapel
Who was considered the best sculptor among the first generation of Renaissance artists?
What is a Renaissance man?
Someone who is very well informed about, or very good at doing...
What is a mannerism?
A decadent reaction against the oder and balance of the high renaissance; comes from Italian maniera for "style" or "styleishness."
What does the term sfumato mean?
What country was affected most by the renaissance?
What were Michelangelo's requirements for creating the Sistine Chapel?
cover this entire area, 700 square yds, with a painted decoration based on religious themes.
What did the Renaissance humanists believe?
. that a sound education should include not only the teachings of the church and the study of early Christian writers but also the study of the liberal arts-grammar, rhetoric, poetry, history, politics, and moral
When was Artemisia Gentileschi born?
Artemisia Gentileschi born in 1593
Who painted "The Raising of the Cross"?
Peter Paul Rubens
How much area does Versailles occupy?
About 200 acres
Who was Caravaggio?
baroque era painter known for his use of chiaroscuro to dramatiza his paintings, which were usually biblical scenes
Who designed St. Peter's Basilica?
Name one of Bernini's most famous works.
St. Terea in Ecstasy
What country favored a more restrained, "classical" version of Baroque style?
Did the leaders of the French Revolution evoke the example of Rome and admire Roman civic virtues?
Who was the major figure who pursued the goal of wiping out France's greedy and corrupt aristocracy? He was also responsible for the execution by guillotine of hundreds of people. He is shown dying in a bathtub by painter Jacques-Louis David.
Jean- Paul Marat
image 17.18-
Who was the artist that created this portrait of Marie Antoinette?
Elisabeth Vigee- Lebrun
What is the painting called by Jacques-Louis David that depicted the inspiring moment between 3 brothers?
The oath of the horatii
The age of Rococo was during what century?
18th century
Rococo is known as the development and extension of what style?
Baroque style
Image 17.15 illustrates what style of painting?
Rococo style image
What types of colors were typically used in Rococo paintings?
Who was a painter who depicted still lives of plants and animals during the 18th century?
Jean Simeon Chardin
In the painting, "Oath of the Horatii", what tone and emotion is the artists trying to depict?
Patriotism, stoicism, self-sacrifice, and frugality
What is Neoclassicism?
3. Artistic movement that emphasized classical past and the civic virtues such as patriotism, stoicism, self-sacrifice and frugality- virtues they associated with the Roman Republic.
During the 18th century what style of painting was favored?
Simpleness and naturalness
When did Neoclassicism take place?
Late 18th, early 19th century
What influenced Neoclassicism?
Greek and Roman Ideals
What type of subjects did Romantic artists focus on?
1. Mysterious or awe-inspiring landscapes picturesque ruins, extreme or tumultuous human events, struggle for liberty, scenes of exotic cultures