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The Sharing Economy and Big Data


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the sharing economy
vertical platform
offers far greater reach and efficiency than traditional markets
new class of micro-entreprenuers providing personal services
individual -->
collaborative consumption
corporation -->
comfort with digital
comsumerization (products made for consumers by consumers then adapted by businesses)
trust infrastructure (social capital)
data darwinism
people with good reputation vs bad reputation
big data
Refers to the vast amount of volumes and types of data that a company can collect and process using increasingly high tech systems
Sources of data are internal and external
Data is: structured like customer's sales data from retail stores and unstructured like Internet search results and smartphone texts or tweets
All data has to be out in a structured format to be analyzed
what companies need to do to succeed
Data that is unique, accessible, and available to your company
Enterprise-wide focus where data and analytics available to the whole firm
Leaders at all levels that promote data analytics culture
Targets dealing with identifying business areas that benefit from his approach
Analytics to execute strategy
V3 in big data