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A. Before the war, especially the American Civil War; typical of how things were before any war.


V. To attend a class only as a listener, not for credit; to check or examine a company's financial records; N. The process of making such an examination or so attending a class.


A. Related to the sense of hearing.


A. Characteristic of or pertaining to birds.


N. An elaborate structure for housing birds.


N. The technology of (using) electronic equipment in aviation, missilery, and space flight.


A. Eager to fight or quarrel; hostile.


N. The condition of warlike hostility; a hostile actoin.


N. A person who gives another (financial) help; a patron.


N. One who receives a benefit (of payment), as from an insurance policy.


A. Not malignant; gracious and kindly; good-natured.


A. Unable to be heard.

Root- aud(it)

(to hear)

Root- avi


Root- bell(i)


Root- ben(e)

(good, well)

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