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Protein Metabolism

amino acids aren't stored in large quantities in (2)
blood or cells
cellular a.a are
polymerized into proteins needed by cells
a. a in blood may be used for energy. if used...
a.a. are replced by breakdown of protein in cells
excess a.a. stored
as fats or gycogen
occurs in
removing amino groups resulting in alpha ketoacid
alpha ketoacid can be converted to
intermediate of metabolic pathways
alpha ketoglutarate + NADH + amino acid ---> gultamate alpha ketoacid (convert to intermediate)
to restore alpha ketaglutarate
gultamate + NAD + h2o --> NADH + alpha ketoglutarate + NH3 + H
need to keep NH3 levels low because..
they stop cytric cycle
solution to NH3
urea cycle in liver
2 NH3 + Co2 --> urea (secreted in urine)
energy potential of a.a. depends on...
which intermediate a.a. becomes
some a.a. converted to
acetyl coa then combined to ketone bodies to body cells
some a.a. are intermediates of CAC
example of CAC
isoleucine become succinyl CoA
1 NADH, 1 FADH2, 1 ATP