25 terms

Chapter 16

1. The painting technique of blurring edges used by Leonardo da Vinci is called
2. The first life-size nude statue since Classical times was created by:
3. During the Renaissance an artistic movement called ______humanism_______was based on the philosophy of logical thought over the religious fervor of the past.
4. The _______family served as great patrons of the arts in Italy.
5. The pose of Michelangelo's sculpture of David was influenced by ancient ______________sculpture.
Giotto is considered to be the artist that reinvented ________naturalism______ in painting.
______ developed the system of linear perspective.
7. Masccio
Jan van Eyck was one of the first painters to use _________as a medium.
Linseed oil
The Rococo style was characterized by?characterized by?
1. essessive and ornate
2. subject was life free from hardship
3. depiction of the leisure activities of the upper class
10. Bernini's David differs from those of Donatello and Michelangelo in that Bernini's David is:
Its in action
11. The fresco by Masaccio (The Holy Trinity) is considered to be the first painting based on the use of:
Linear prespective
12. Leonardo's technique of blurred edges called _________, can be seen in this famous portrait. (Mona Lisa)
Michelangelo's David has a pose influenced by the sculpture of the ancient:___
14. In the work by Jan van Eyck, The marrage of Giovanni Arnolfini and Giovanna Cenami the woman is wearing green because;
It symbolized fertility
15. Caravaggio'o drymatic portrayal of scenes at night in The Conversion of Saint Paul, was called:
Many Renaissance artists benefited from the patronage of the __________family.
17. Many Baroque characteristics developed as propaganda for the:
18. In the Netherlands, the major patrons of such artists as Vermeer and Rembrandt was:
Middle Class
19. Rococo painting mainly showed:
Life without troubles
20. The first woman to gain a reputation as an artist in the Renaissance was:
Sofonsiba Anguissola
21. King Louis XIV had 21. King Louis XIV had __________________built to surpass the splendor of all other palaces.
22. The Night effect that was used in Caravaggio's paintings is called
___________ art is often characterized by great energy, dramatic use of light, scale and balance.
24. Baroque artists no longer worked exclusively for the _____________ but worked for nobles and aristocrats as well.
25. Jan Vermeer is best known for his paintings of domestic life that are called __________________ paintings.