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Absolute Monarchy

where a ruler is not limited to the constitution or law

Limited monarchy

a monarchy in which the ruler is limited by the constitution or law

Divine right

a belief that a monarch rule comes directly form god, not form the consent of people

English Bill of Rights

a statement of subject's rights and of the relationships of parliament to the monarchy.

Habeas corpus

a Latin term for a legal requirement that a person cannot be held in prison without being charged with specific crime

Act of Settlement

the act of settlement said that no roman catholic could be come king of England meaning James the 2 could not become king


the English republic declared by Oliver commonwealth.

oliver cromwell( lord protector)

leader of revolutionary army, defeats Charles army, captures beheads king. So becomes the head of the commonwealth, republic that replaced the kings- then later declared himself the lord protector.

William & Mary

in 1689 William and Mary take the throne. Also, with their army they forced James the second out was forced of the throne.

Stuart kings -Charles II, James 2

son of charles the first he is asked to retake the monarchy fter Cromwell dies and charles the second is more tolerant with more religions also opens the theaters which at time were very popular- very popular. Born of Charles 2 marreid to roman catholic and opointed R.C. to government(parliament angry) parliament makes deal with w and m of orange

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