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Cell organelles and the microscope


All living parts of cell


Jelly like substance which surrounds the nucleus and contains organelles

Plasma membrane

Surrounds cell. Function: Control entry and exit of molecules

Cell wall

Function: supports the cell


Function: gives cell strength and shape and store materials


Supply energy to the cell, respiration occurs here


Green structures in plants where photosynthesis takes place


Function: make proteins by combining amino acids


Controls the cell. Contains chromatin


Part of the nucleus. Makes ribosomes

Nuclear pores

Allow mRNA to pass in and out of the nucleus


Chromosomes when not dividing


Deoxyribonucleic acid. Found in chromosomes and chromatin


Fine detail of cell as seen with electron microscope


Cells which do NOT have a nucleus or membrane enclosed organelles


Cells which have a nucleus and membrane enclosed organelles

Plant cells

Have cell walls, chloroplasts, and large vacuoles

Animal cells

Do not have a cell wall or chloroplasts, and only small, if any, vacuoles

Simple microscope

Microscope made of only one lens

Compound microscope

Microscope made of two lenses

Electron microscope

Microscope used to show the ultrastructure of cells

Using a microscope

Place slide on stage. Examine under low power before high power. Use coarse focus then fine focus.


Eyepiece power X Objective lens power


Prevents samples from drying out and prevents lens from getting wet

Lower coverslip at angle

Prevents air bubbles from being trapped

Methylene blue

Stain used for animal cells - turns nuclei blue


Stain used for plant cells - shows up membranes and starch

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