Final performance acting 3

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Let me explain something to you: I got into the movie business because I love people. I love them so much. It's a fault if mine. And the joy of making s movie to me, is the friendships that you build-- I want to be friends with you, Terry, I don't want to be friends with your agent. I want to know what makes you tick, what's going on in that heart of yours.
I want to be friends with you.Look at the contract, then.Okay. It's really long.It's so we're both protected. You want us to be protected, don't you?Yeah, sure, um..... Would it be possible for me to get a little more money up front?You want more money up front?Yeah. I kinda sold my apartment in New Jersey and moved here to L.A. -- and I'm in a hotel and I need some cash to pay for my room.It's always about you, isn't it?I just need s little bit.You don't care about us at all, you don't care about the studio.I care about the studio.We're bending over backwards for you-- we're taking a chance on you, and the studio is very vulnerable Terry, so, so vulnerable. Wait a minute, are you showing this script to another studio?!There might have been one other studio--You showed this script to someone else?!It was through a friend of--How could you do that to us!? Don't you know how that makes us feel?! Like garbage, like we're second best--You're not second best--Maybe you don't even want this movie to get maid?!No I want to see the movie get maid!Why did I even come over here? Why do writers have to be such jerks? I always do this-- I always want to take a chance on a writer and then I get my heart stomped on over and over again.I didn't mean to hurt you.You did! You did hurt me. Fine, We'll give you more money up front. How much do you want? All of it!? You want all of the money?! How are we even gonna make the movie if you steal all of the money?I don't need all of the money--We give and we give and we give and it's never enough for you! What about our needs? When was the last time you bought the studio flowers?!I didn't think--That's write, you never think about us! I wanted this to work so bad but you aren't putting any effort into it!What?You never listen to me!I didn't understand what you said! Wait. It's okay. I don't need any extra money.You're just saying that.No I'm not. I'll pay for my hotel room using my credit card. I want the movie to get made.No take the money.I don't want the money.You're just taking pity on me now.I want what's best for the both of us.Do you really mean that?Yes. Please. Can I please take less money?I guess. Sign here. Thank you.