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  1. An intellectual framework that looks at the locations of specific phenomena, how and why that phenomena is , and, finally, how it is spatially related to phenomena in other place
  2. The acquisition of data about Earth's surface from a satellite orbiting the planet or other long-distance methods.
  3. a diagrammatic representation of the earth's surface (or part of it)
  4. Concentrates on patterns of human activity and on their relationships with the environment.
  5. The exact position of a place on the earth's surface.

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  1. DistributionThe arrangement of something across Earth's surface (space).


  2. Patterngraphical representation (in polar or cartesian coordinates) of the spatial distribution of radiation from an antenna as a function of angle


  3. Functional (nodal) Region(nodal) Area organized around a node or focal point. The characteristic chosen to define this kind of region dominates at a central focus or node and diminishes in importance outward. This region is tied to the central point by transportation or communication systems or by economic or functional associations.


  4. Geographical Information SystemsA set of computer tools used to capture, store, transform, analyze, and display geographic data.