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Ch. 9 Online Quiz

All of the following are reasons that societies practice the levirate except:
it is associated with societies that place the highest value on female heirs
What type of marriage did the Mosuo practice?
walking marriage
Reciprocal exchange, a type of marriage compensation rarely found today:
emphasized the concept of marriage as an alliance between two families.
In Western socities, mate selection is largely a decision made:
jointly by the prospective bride and groom
Which statement about bridewealth is false?
It tends to destabilize marriage
The sororate is a marriage custom in which:
his widower is expected to marry the sister or another close relative of his dead wife.
Competition among co-wives in a polygynous household is reduced when all of the following occur except:
the husband does not get involved in the affairs of his wives.
The levirate is a marriage custom in which:
a widow marries the brother or another close relative of her dead husband.
In this chapters, "Contemporary Issues," arranged marriages by an Iraqi father for his daughters (age 13 and 14) resulted in:
the father being convicted of child abuse
Which of the following forms of cousin marriage is the most common?
cross cousin
Which of the following is false?
The monetization of bridewealth has led to greater freedom of choice on the part of the future spouses involved.
Single family households headed by unwed mothers are extremely infrequent in:
Which statement about romantic love is true?
People in many non-Westerns countries do not base marriage on romantic love.
How can you best describe multigenerational households?
In a multigenerational household there are three or more generations
allows a society to avoid the division of small plots of land among sons.
What is the most common form of marriage in the United States?
serial monogamy
Which form of marriage compensation is a transfer of goods from the brides family to the grooms family?
Polyandry is:
a woman having more than one husband at a time.
The decline in the percentage of nuclear families in the United States has been influenced by all of the following except:
the lower costs associated with having children.
Among the Mosu in the film we watched in class, what type of family system do they practice?
Which of the following statements about polygyny in the United States is correct?
Although polygyny is practiced in certain areas of the U.S., it is not legal
Although the nuclear family has been the ideal in the U.S. for most of the 20th century:
now only about one household in four in nuclear.
legitimizes marriages and transfers rights over children to the father's family.
The nuclear family is based on ____ ties and the extended family is based on ____ ties.
marital; blood
Incest avoidance can have positive social advantages by forcing people to marry outside of their immediate family, therby:
creating relationships with people whom they are likely to cooperate
Bride service is practiced:
to compensate the bride's family in a society where material goods are not accumulated
In the majority of cultures of the world, polygyny is:
the preferred form of marriage
The marriage of several brothers to one woman:
sometimes occurs in Tibet
Arranged marriages are found most often in what type of society?
societies in which there is elaborate social hierarchy
The theory that there is a natural aversion to sexual intercourse among those who have grown up together:
explains why cultures need such a strong incest taboo.