Ch. 48, 51, 52

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Judicial systems are responsible for making decisions regarding


Behavior is classified as disordered when it

1. is dysfunctional.
2. is deviant.
3. is distressful.

The greatest shortcoming associated with explanations of psychological disorders in terms of demon possession is that these explanations

led to some harsh and ineffective remedial treatments.

A psychotherapist is most likely to use the DSM-IV-TR in order to ________ various psychological disorders.


The DSM-IV-TR does NOT

explain the causes of the various psychological disorders.

Flat affect is a catatonic symptom most closely associated with ________ schizophrenia.


Many psychologists believe the disorganized thoughts of people with schizophrenia result from a breakdown in

selective attention.

What are symptoms of schizophrenia?

1. disturbed perceptions
2. inappropriate emotions
3. disorganized thinking

Wilma is extremely agitated because she hears voices that tell her to sexually seduce the male nurses in her hospital ward. Wilma is most clearly suffering from


One of the defining characteristics of disorganized schizophrenia is

flat inappropriate emotion.

A disorder in which an individual is overexcited, hyperactive, and wildly optimistic is known as


By boosting serotonin, antidepressant drugs stimulate the growth of neurons in the


Which perspective has emphasized the impact of learned helplessness on depression?


Mania is most likely to be characterized by feelings of


Linkage analysis is of greatest interest to those who attempt to explain mood disorders from a ________ perspective.


A World Health Organization study of 20 countries estimated that ________ had the highest prevalence of mental disorders during the prior year.

the United States

Among women, the stresses and demoralization of poverty are especially likely to precipitate


According to the medical model, psychological disorders are

sicknesses that need to be diagnosed and cured.

Behavior is classified as disordered when it

1. is distressful.
2. is deviant.
3. is dysfunctional.

The criteria for classifying behavior as psychologically disordered

vary by culture and with time.

North Americans born during the winter and spring months are at a slightly increased risk for


Hearing voices would be a ________; believing that you are Napoleon would be a ________.

hallucination; delusion

Schizophrenia is most likely to be associated with

a shrinkage of cerebral tissue.

Among schizophrenia patients, the fluid-filled areas of the brain are

abnormally large and the thalamus is abnormally small.

People are more likely to recover from ________ schizophrenia than from ________ schizophrenia.

reactive; process

Depression is most closely associated with

learned helplessness.

Compared with those who suffer no disorder, those who abuse alcohol have a ________ risk of committing suicide. Compared with the general population, those who have been depressed have a ________ risk of committing suicide.

higher; higher

Which perspective has emphasized the impact of learned helplessness on depression?


One way for people to break the vicious cycle of depression is to

participate more often in activities they consider pleasant and rewarding.

The risk of suicide is greatest when people

begin to rebound from their depression.

Larry has difficulty organizing his daily schedule of work responsibilities. He often makes careless mistakes or fails to complete his work because he is easily distracted. Larry's behavior is most characteristic of

attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

An eye-tracking device that measures an individual's ability to focus on and follow spots of light has been used for the assessment of


Which of the following is true of the medical model?

It views psychological disorders as sicknesses that are diagnosable and treatable.

Which of the following statements concerning the labeling of disordered behaviors is NOT true?

Labels interfere with effective treatment of psychological disorders.

ADHD is diagnosed ________ often in girls than in boys. In the decade after 1987, a(n) ________ proportion of American children have been treated for this disorder.

less; increasing

Flat affect is a catatonic symptom most closely associated with ________ schizophrenia.


Those who suffer from schizophrenia are likely to experience

any or all of these symptoms.

Evidence suggests that ________ contribute(s) to schizophrenia.

prenatal viral infections

A breakdown in selective attention is most likely to be experienced by those who suffer from


Schizophrenia is most likely to be associated with

a shrinkage of cerebral tissue.

Compared with men, women are much more likely to be diagnosed as suffering from


The vicious cycle of depression is often initiated by

stressful life experiences.

Of those who talk of suicide, ________ actually attempt suicide. Of those who attempt suicide, ________ succeed in completing the act.

only a few; only a few

During the manic phase of bipolar disorder, individuals are most likely to

be overactive.

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