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8th grade vocab words: flu, flux = to flow

8th grade vocab words: flu, flux = to flow
affluence (n)
a plentiful supply; wealth; a great quantity that seems to keep FLOWING
confluence (n)
a gathering, meeting, or FLOWING together at one point; a joining
effluence (n)
something that FLOWS out: outflow
fluctuate (v)
to rise and fall irregularly; to vary; to FLOW up and down unpredictably
fluent (adj)
able TO FLOW smoothly; graceful
fluid (n)
a substance whose molecules FLOW freely past one another, a liquid or gas
fluted (adj)
a tall, narrow shape designed for a smooth FLOW of liquid
influential (adj)
having the power to make things FLOW their way; the FLOW of power
influx (n)
a FLOWING in of something in a large number or amount; a mass arrival
superfluous (adj)
OVERFLOW; more than enough; an overbundance; more than required