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Stop Smoking

If a mother wants to reduce the risk that her child will develop asthma, pneumonia, or bronchitis, she should:

Helping the children learn the fun and value of physical activity and avoid using food as a reward or comforter

Lavonda is running her own family child care service and she is concerned that several of the children seem to be overweight. What would be the best approach for Lavonda to use in helping the children with there weight?

Are irrelevant for the total

In General, Conservation involves the ability to understand that changes in physical arrangement:

There are ethnic differences

When looking at the heights and weights of preschool children, we know that:

Symbolic Function/Representation

Five- year-old marta draws a picture with a pretty lavender, purple and blue colors intermixed with green, yellow, and brown. "It's a boat on the ocean at sunset, with whales jumping all around it!" Marta is showing clear evidence.

Social activity between a less knowledgable child, and another adult or child is more knowledgae.

According to lev vygotsky'ss concept of the zone proximal development (ZPD), learning is:

More Muscle; More Fat

By the end of early childhood, boys have_____, whereas girls have_____.

Increase the speed of info traveling through the nerve cells.

Myelination in the brain serves to:


In talking with Grandmana on the phone, little Marcelo suddenly exclaims, "Oh look at that pretty red bird!" When his grandmother asks him to describe the bird, marcelo says, "Out there, out there! Right there, Grandma!" He finally gets frustrated and hangs up. This is an example of:


"My computer doesn't like me- it keeps eating my pictures," says Sara. This is an example of

Minimum number of calories used when a person is inactive

In the nutritional area, the basal metabolism rate (BMR) reflects the:

Choose a program that allows children plenty of opportunities to play

If you were to advise parents about the preschool program they should select for their children, which of the following would be the best advice to give them?


A young child might be heard saying, "that tree pushed the lead off and it fell down." The child's belief that the tree is capable of taction is reffered to as:

maintaining attention to tasks

The Prefrontal cortex is involed in tasks of:

Children cannot perform certain functions if the area of the brain controlling those functions is not myelinated.

Myelination is important in development because:


How and his little sister, Stephie, are each given one large cookie. The mother breaks stephie's cookie into four pieces so she can eat it easily. How immediately begins to cry and says that isn't fair, Stephie got more than I did. How is showing a lack of:

Gross motor skills

Jungle gyms, slides, and climbing equipment should be available to help young children develop:

Child Centered

Developmentally appropriate practices at the kindergarten level are likely to be:


The stage of preoperational thought lasts from:

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