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Nile Kinnick
Football star in 1939. University of Iowa, Heisman Trophy winner. Passed down the NFL, went to Law School, joined the Navy and died in a training flight crash in 1943.
Jesse Owens
The Buckeye Bullet. Track star in the 1936 "Nazi Olympics". At the Big Ten Meet in 1935 he set three world records
Joe Louis
The Brown Bomber. Heavyweight boxing champion from 1937 to 1949. "A credit to his race, the human race."
Boxing: Papa Jack
Boxing was the last refuge for African Americans. Sullivan's heavyweight title was for whites only until 1908.
The Fight of the Century
Jack Johnson vs. Jim Jeffries. Jeffries retired undefeated, but came out of retirement to reclaim his title from African American boxer Jack Johnson. Jeffries was labeled the white hope. The match was supposed to happen in San Francisco but ended up happening in Reno Nevada. Jeffries called it quits in the 15th round to avoid getting knocked out.
Frank Gotch of Iowa was the world champ from 1908-1915. His trainer was Farmer Burns who was the original fitness guru.
Black Sox Scandal
1919/20, Judge Kim Landis cracks down on gambling on sports. "Gentlemen's agreement" on race happened.
Gertrude Ederle
Won gold in swimming in 1924 Olympics. Conquered the English channel in 1926.
Sonja Henie
Olympic gold in 1928, '32 and '36 in Figure Skating.
Suzanne Lenglen
Tennis star. Won 6 Wimbledon and French Open titles.
Mildred "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias
Possibly the most versatile athlete ever. Was a softball, baseball, and basketball star for Employer's Casualty. 1932 Olympic track star as well and a founding member of LPGA.
Title IX
Educational Amendments Act of 1972. No discrimination if the school or college recieves federal funds.
Wilmeth Sidat-Singh
Basketball and football star at Syracuse. Died in WWII air training crash. He was thought to be Hindu but was later discovered by the public that he was African American.
Myth of Jackie Robinson
He wasn't the first African American baseball player. Segregation was never fully complete, integration still occurred in winter ball and exhibition games.
John McGraw
Baltimore Oriole manager who tried signing African American Charlie Grant as a 2nd baseman in 1901. Team mates were fine with it.
Jack Trice
Born in Ohio. First black athlete at Iowa State. Injured in a game in 1923 and died from it 2 days later.
Jackie Robinson
Debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. 6 al star games, 6 world series and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962.
Reforming College Sports
NCAA makes "Sanity Code" where athletic scholarship is permitted with rules. 1950 "Sinful Seven" refused to invoke the death penalty.
Sports and Suburbia
Youth Leagues, recreation for everyone. TV brought sports home.
Sports media
TV is an advertising medium. Commercials advertise during games, began in the 1950's.
Roone Revolution
Roone Arledge of ABC. Invented TV sports, making them more like a television show.
September 7th 1979, ESPN goes live on national cable tv. Sportscenter was the first program.
Muhammad Ali
1960 Olympic boxing champion. Convicted in court for refusing draft induction, was banned for 3 years. Returned in 1971 and is still an Ambassador for peace, the olympics and parkinson's disease.
Bill Bradley
Basketball player at Princeton. All American Olympic gold medal winner, Rhodes scholar who went pro.
Alvin "Pete" Rozelle
NFL commissioner for 30 years from 1959-89. Created modernTV-orientated game.
1961 Sports Broadcasting Act
Rozelle's greatest victory. Pooled contracts and revenue sharing. 2/3 of revenue come from television.
Death of Ray Chpman
August 16th, 1920: The pitch that changed history.
Babe Ruth
Greatest star of the golden age. Was with the Red Sxox from 1914-19, the Yankees forom 1920-1934 and ended his career with the Braves in 1935. He was a great hitter, pitcher and had a gerat personality.
Football: The College Game
New national rivalries spurred up between Ivy league schools, state schools, the army, notre dame etc. Network radios helped broadcast games the the ticket sales spur.
Rockne of Notre Dame
Immigrant boy to great coach to martyr. Player, program builder and motivator. Manipulated new media.
1920: American Professional Football Association
Midwestern league becomes NFL in 1922
Boxing's Greatest Rivalry
Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney. Tunney won famous match possibly due to the ref taking too long to count to ten when he was pinned down.
The Stanley Cup
Hockey challenge cup presented to the best amateur team in Canada by Lord Stanley of Preston in 1893.
Pro Leagues
1904-07. International Pro Hockey League. 1910, NHA, 1914, WWI, 1917 the war winds down and NHL begins.
New York's Finest
Original Celtics and Harlem Renaissance touring teams took on all corners.
Harlem Globetrotters
"Clown Princes of Basketball." Top pro team in the late 40s early 50s.
Rise of Sport Entertainment
Always been entertaining, media of the 20s spurred entreprenurial impulse. Everyone is out to make money.
Lou Gehrig
Pride of the Yankees. Diagnosed with ALS in 1939, died in 1941. Was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1939 with jersey #4
Bobby Jones
Amateur golfer from 1923 to 1930. Came from a rich Atlanta family who founded the Masters of golf. Won British Open and Grand slam. He played for the love of the sport.
Walter Hagen
Creater of modern pro golf. Won 2 US opens, 4 Britihs Opens, 6 PGA's, 5 western Opens and was one of the first pros to make 1 million dollars a year.
Big Bill Tilden
Tennis star. Won US Open 6 times, Wimbledon 3 times and was possibly the first gay superstar.
Helen Wills (Moody)
"Little Miss Poker Face". Tennis, Berkeley Phi Beta Kappa. Won 19 titles and won the olympics in 1924.
Johnny Weissmuller
Track and field star. Won 5 gold medals in the olympics. Never lost a race. Played Tarzan in a movie.