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conquerors, kings, prophets, people, and places


barbaric people who were a constant threat to the northern Kingdom of Israel


people who defeated the south (Judah)


the "wicked" capital of the hateful Assyrians


one of King Solomon's top ministers


the cruel successor of King Solomon


a propeht that saw his own marriage as a mirror of the relationship between God and his people


king of Judah who pulled down the high places and threw out foreign idols


son of Hezekieh who rebuilt the high places, brought back foreign idols, defiled the Temple of God with pagan altars and images, massacred innocent citizens, and persecuted the worshippers of God, but changed his ways after he was captured by the Assyrians


a reforming king of Judah


propeht who told Jeroboam that he was made king only because it was part of God's plan


was able to stop the rain by his prayer


was sent to call Judah to repentance


prophet who was told to tell the Assyrians in Nineveh to repent...and was swallowed by a big fish for chickening out! (people say it was a "big fish", but you know as well as I do that it was a whale)


powerful figure who told the people of Judah that there would soon be a terrible destruction


lived in the same time as Jeremiah and foresaw the same terrible destruction ahead

Hosea's wife

was unfaithful to her husband who left him and her children to run after other lovers until she finally ended up as a common slave


was legendary for his wisdom and earned a very high position in the Babylonian court


new settlers who intermarried with the remainder of the Israelite population who settled around Samaria

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