Key Terms and People

Chapter.14 Section.4
John Brown's raid
- began when he and his men took overarsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia
- in this raid he was hoping to start a slave rebellion
John C. Breckinridge
- he was the vice president of Kentucky
- Breckinridge supported slavery in the territories
Constitutional Union Party
- recognized " no political principles other than the Constitution of the country, the Union of the states, and the enforcement of the laws."
- these members of this party met in Baltimore, Maryland
John Bell
- he was selected candidate for the Constitutional Union Party
- he opposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854
- was a slaveholder
- formally withdrawing from the Union
- Carolina's legislature wanted a special convention and delegates choose secession
Confederate States of America
- this form was also called the Confederacy
- Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas signed this form
Jefferson Davis
- elected by delegates from seceded states as president of Confederacy
- he hoped to be commanding general of Mississippi's troops
John J. Crittenden
- proposed series of amendments that would help the South
- hoped the country could avoid secession and war