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Pres Duties

1. Chief of State
2. Chief Legislator
3. Chief Executive
4. Chief Diplomat
5. Commander in Chief
6. Chief Jurist

25th Amendment

Pres Disability: VP can take over when notified w/ letter by Pres that he can no longer carry out his duties, If Pres id unwilling/unable to write letter, VP can take over w/ approval of majority of cabinet (8), which can be challenged by Pres - Pres stays Pres and Congress has 21 days to decide Pres or VP (if no decision, Pres remains), 2/3 vote of House and Senate needed to keep VP
Pres Succession: if VP is empty, Pres nominates who he wants, which has to be approved by majority of the House and Senate

3 Duties of Head of Cabinet

1. Run department
2. Advise Pres on matters concerning their department
3. Represent department in any dealings w/ Congress

Powers Pres has during times of officially declared war

1. Control all industrial efforts related to war
2. Can put a ceiling on wages and prices
3. Can regulate or ration food, clothing, any manufactured item
4. Can suspend personal freedoms if necessary to safeguard war effort

Executive Office of Pres

1. White House Staff: all people that help Pres run daily affairs of White House
2. Office of Management and Budget (OMB): put together and manage federal budget
3. National Security Council (NSC): Pres meets with once a week to advise Pres on matters of natl security and coordinate mil activities with other departments - Members: Pres, VP, Sec of State, Sec of Defense, Sec of Homeland Security, Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness, Director of NSC
4. Office of Policy Dev: advise Pres on policy
5. Natl Economic Council (NEC): advise Pres on economy

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