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Science Energy Review (6th grade)

Motion: Kinetic or Potential?
Movement: Kinetic or Potential?
Stored: Kinetic or Potential?
Moving: Kinetic or Potential?
Position: Kinetic or Potential?
Poised: Kinetic or Potential?
True or False? Gravitational energy decreases with height
false. It increases
True or False? Most forms of energy can be converted into other forms of energy
True or False? Chemical energy is associated with the position and motion of an object?
false. It is stored.
True or False? If two objects have different temperatures, heat will flow from the cooler object to the warmer object
false. Heat will flow from the warmer to cooler
True or False? Tile is an example of a good insulator?
false. It is an example of a conductor
Mechanical Energy
objects position and motion
Examples of Mechanical Energy
thrown football or trophy on shelf
Chemical Energy
stored energy
Examples of Chemical Energy
food or matches
Electrical Energy
electric charges
Example of Electrical Energy
lightning, flashlights
Thermal Energy
all of the potential and kinetic energy
Example of Thermal Energy
lava, ice cream
Give an example of a single energy transformation
cell phone
Give an example of a multiple energy transformation
heat is transferred from one particle to another
Example of Conduction
metal stove on stove
heat is transferred by movements of currents within a fluid
Example of Convection
water on stove
transferred by electormagnetic waves
Example of radiation
Explain this true statement: In science there is no such thing as :coldness:
it loses energy
What way does the direction of heat flow
Wet Hair Hair Dryer
Hair dryer to wet hair
What way does the direction of heat flow
Mountain Dew Ice
Mountain Dew to Ice
Explain the difference between conductors and insulators
Conductors: transfer thermal energy well
Insulators: do not transfer thermal energy well
5 Conductors:
tile floor, metal spoon, stainless steel, copper, gold
5 Insulators
wood, wool, straw, gases, paper,