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BIBL 104 Module 3

is a monument toGod's faithfulness.
Numbers begins with a census because
These lists served as an organizing structure. The figures given are supposed to be the number of men who were able to go to war, and they reflect major military fighting units. The census would also provide a basis on which to divide the lan
A Nazirite
is a person who consecrated himself or herself for a particular purpose, that is, a special often short period of faithfulness.
The people refused to go into the land after they reached Kadesh Barnea
Because they listened to the majority report and began to lament their terrible situation
Korah's revolt
Korah wanted power and privileges beyond the responsibilities his family had been given in setting up and taking down the tabernacle. God opened up the earth to swallow Korah and his group at the tent of meeting, and Dathan and Abiram at their own tents
Why was Moses not allowed to enter the Promised Land?
He then struck the rock twice with his staff. As a result of this act, Moses was told that he would not be able to enter the land.
king of the Amorites was wiped out when he tried attacking the Israelite camp
king of Bashan also defeated by the Israelites
Balak and Balaam?
Balak was king of Moab. He asked Baalam to curse Israel. Baalam was rebuked by God through a talking donkey. He would not curse Israel but later died in a judgment sent by God as punishment of Israelites for following the Moabite god.
Why and how did the nation renew its covenant with God across the river from Jericho?
"the people were to gather at a specific location where they would have the entire Law read to them so that they would be familiar with and follow its precepts.... the Israelites observed this ceremony during the conquest."
the Hebrew word herem
"under the ban" "accused" "devoted for destruction" It refers to God's order to destroy the Canaanites.
Why did God place the Canaanites under this ban?
their lifestyle was immoral
Describe the Canaanite religion.
polytheistic: included reprehensible practices including self-mutilation, religious prostitution, sacrifice of infants
Biblically speaking, what was wrong with the Canaanite religion?
no value for human life, did not worship God
Who was Rahab, and why is she important?
Woman in Jericho who hid the spies and was spared when Jericho was attacked
What was unique about the way the Israelites entered the land?
God parted the Jordan River and they crossed on dry land during flood stage.
Why might God have had the Israelites enter Canaan by crossing the Jordan on dry land?
It solidified Joshua as leader. It united them by reminded them of the Red Sea and God's power. It warned the nations.
Describe the "battle" of Jericho.
Silent marching around city for seven days. Seventh day march around 7 times and then blow horns and shout. Walls fall inward on everyone except Rahab and her household.
What went wrong at Ai?
Israel lost because someone had stolen something.
How was the dilemma resolved?
The thief in the camp was found out by lots and stoned along with his family.
Describe the southern campaign.
Gibeons tricked Israel into an alliance. Five other kings waged war against Gibeon but Israel came to Gibeon's aid and killed the 5 kings thus becoming in contol of 2/3 of the land.
the first battle was lost due to a thief who stole something from Jericho....
Which cities were burned? Hazor, Ai, and Jericho were burned.
Hazor, Ai, and Jericho were burned.
What did the people do with the rest of the cities?
They captured the remaining cities
Describe the allocation of the land to the various tribes.
Levites were not given a specific territory, but cities throughout. Simeon's tribe was in Judah's territory.
Refuge Cities
set up for those accused of manslaughter to be tried and live if the crime was inadvertant.
How did Joshua challenge the people of Israel in his farewell speech?
To put away foreign gods and follow the God of Israel.
Describe the Israelites' sin cycle.
each time God sent a judge, the people would return to God only for that judge's lifetime. After the judge died, the people returned to their evil ways until God again sent hard times. The entire process was a downward spiral, with each generation worse than the previous one.
Why was Deborah significant?
She was a woman and held a position of leadership even before she assumed the role of deliverer.
What were Gideon's strengths?
a faith that accepted the historical accounts of God's works and expected them to be repeated. He desired to focus the worship of Israel on God
What were Gideon's weaknesses?
doubtful and fearful.
What are minor judges, and what role did they play?
Minor judges are leaders who generally receive just a note in passing
Evaluate Samson's character and career.
He didn't keep his Nazerite vows, he married but abondoned his wife when she gave away his secret, the Lord gave him unheard of strength at times, he was again foiled by Dililah who cut his hair, in the end he killed the Philistines and himself died.
What is the function of the two appendixes at the end of the book of Judges? How well do they fulfill this function?
illustrate how depraved the nation had become.
The Book of Ruth
took place during the Judges period. Shows how outsiders could be accepted within the covenant community by putting their faith in the God of the covenant.
conquered Canaan
are poetry. It is important to remember that.
was conquered and burned