25 terms

Sat Vocab LIst 9

disburse (verb)
give out; distribute
galaxy (noun)
assembly of stars, gas and dust; distinguished assembly
intractable (adj.)
stubborn, inflexible, obstinate
juncture (noun)
point in time; joining place
juxtapose (verb)
put side by side; put next to
maelstrom (noun)
whirlpool; violent or turbulent situation
optimum (adj.)
most favorable; most advantages; best possible
pillory (n) (v)
a wooden punishment device(noun); to ridicule someone (verb)
proliferate (verb)
reproduce; multiply
remiss (adj.)
negligent; careless
titanic (adj.)
colossal; monumental
abominate (verb)
loathe; hate; detest
abridge (verb)
shorten; edit; condense
animosity (noun)
hostility; hatred
auspicious (adj.)
promising; favorable; positive
beleaguer (verb)
annoy; to bother; harrass
confidant (noun)
close friend; trustworthy person
constituent (noun)
ingredient; element; part
iniquitous (adj.)
wicked; sinful; evil
inure (verb)
to make someone unpleasant over a period of time
inveigh (verb)
speak out angrily; protest
predecessor (noun)
precursor; forerunner; ancestor
sabotage (verb)
to damage; to harm; to interfere with
sadistic (adj.)
aggressive; brutal; cruel
scathing (adj.)
scornful; mocking; sarcastic