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disburse (verb)

give out; distribute

galaxy (noun)

assembly of stars, gas and dust; distinguished assembly

intractable (adj.)

stubborn, inflexible, obstinate

juncture (noun)

point in time; joining place

juxtapose (verb)

put side by side; put next to

maelstrom (noun)

whirlpool; violent or turbulent situation

optimum (adj.)

most favorable; most advantages; best possible

pillory (n) (v)

a wooden punishment device(noun); to ridicule someone (verb)

proliferate (verb)

reproduce; multiply

remiss (adj.)

negligent; careless

titanic (adj.)

colossal; monumental

abominate (verb)

loathe; hate; detest

abridge (verb)

shorten; edit; condense

animosity (noun)

hostility; hatred

auspicious (adj.)

promising; favorable; positive

beleaguer (verb)

annoy; to bother; harrass

confidant (noun)

close friend; trustworthy person

constituent (noun)

ingredient; element; part

iniquitous (adj.)

wicked; sinful; evil

inure (verb)

to make someone unpleasant over a period of time

inveigh (verb)

speak out angrily; protest

predecessor (noun)

precursor; forerunner; ancestor

sabotage (verb)

to damage; to harm; to interfere with

sadistic (adj.)

aggressive; brutal; cruel

scathing (adj.)

scornful; mocking; sarcastic

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