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  1. monetization
  2. aryabhatta
  3. ijtihad
  4. Arbitrage
  5. the very first white owned slave plantations worked by africans was set up in the americas in
  1. a establishing something (e.g. gold or silver) as the legal tender of a country
  2. b Famous classical mathematician, wrote a book that summarized Hindu mathematics, discovered pi, calculated the length of the solar system, and the circumference of the earth during India's Classical Era.
  3. c The process of buying a good in one market at a low price and selling it in another market at a higher price
  4. d brazil in the 16th century growing sugar
  5. e Human interpretation or independent reasoning in Islamic law

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  1. Attractions that draw migrants to a certain place, such as a pleasant climate and employment or educational opportunities.
  2. An economic theory that government should not regulate or interfere with commerce
  3. A mercantilist strategy for economic growth in which a country restricts imports in order to spur demand for locally produced goods.
  4. different parts of the world were in approximately the same level of capitalist development in 1492. what made europe surge ahead was the enormous wealth is acquired from the americas, the slave plantations and slave trade.
  5. 1492-1688

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  1. ibn al-nafiscreated the first astrolabic clock that helped you tell time from the shadows. was an astronomer-Cairo


  2. what was the primary goal of all individual europeans and groups who came to the americas after 1492:diseases the europeans introduced took its toll often even before the actual physical arrival of the spaniards


  3. the "caribbean school of history" represented by CLR James, Eric Williams and many other scholars writing since the 1930s have forcefully made the following argument1492-1688


  4. wu-weisteel characterised by pattern of bands or sheets


  5. coalbrookdalevillage in the Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire, England, containing a settlement of great significance in the history of iron ore smelting as this is where iron-ore was first smelted by Abraham Darby using easily mined "coking coal" The coal was drawn from "drift mines" in the sides of the valley