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  1. antonym
  2. dialogue
  3. personification
  4. foreshadowing
  5. repetition
  1. a repeated use of sounds, words, or ideas for effect and emphasis
  2. b two words that express opposing concepts
  3. c A figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human feelings, thoughts, or attitudes
  4. d the use of hints and clues to suggest what will happen later in a plot
  5. e conversation between characters

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  1. A playwright's written instructions about how the actors are to move and behave in a play
  2. A word that means the same as another word
  3. What the passage is about; the topic
  4. The attitude of the author toward the audience and characters (e.g., serious or humorous).
  5. comparison of two unline things, using like or as

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  1. opiniona personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty


  2. characterizationthe process by which the writer reveals the personality of a character


  3. analogytwo words that express opposing concepts


  4. sensory detailsUse of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures to convey meaning


  5. author's perspectiveThe reason the author has for writing. (Persuade, Inform, Entertain, Share)