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excel 2

A value or expression that can be evaluated as true or false is called a logical test.


A value or expression that can be evaluated as true or false is called a

logical test

Using ________ allows the user to stretch or shrink the width, height, or both of printed output.

scale to fit

Using ________ allows a cell to change appearance based on a criteria.

conditional formatting

The ________ function adds all of the numbers in a range of cells.


Entering the year portion of a date as 40 will be interpreted as the year 2040.


The COUNTIF function takes three arguments.


You can move from one worksheet to another by clicking the

sheet tabs.

The ________ function counts the number of cells within a range that meet a certain criteria.


The IF function returns one value if a logical test is false and a different value if the logical test is true.


The MEDIAN function adds a group of values and then divides the sum by the number of items in the group.


A function is a predefined formula.


By including worksheets in a ________, you can enter or edit data on them simultaneously.


The Excel comparison operator for not equal to is < >.


When pasting a range of cells you only need to point to or select the ________ of the paste area.

upper left corner

Excel provides only one technique for changing the name of a worksheet.


Excel assigns a serial number to each date entered, which allows dates to be treated the same as other numbers in the worksheet.


Excel's ________ function retrieves the date and time from the computer's calendar and clock.


Dates can be treated as other numbers because Excel assigns a ________ value to the date as it is entered.


A ________ displays and summarizes totals from other worksheets.

summary sheet

If a cell's width is too narrow to properly display the numeric contents of the cell, Excel displays a series of ________ symbols.


The Excel operator for less than is


A range of cells can be converted into an Excel ________ so that the data can be analyzed.


To ________ a table means to arrange all of the data in a specific order.


Data within a cell can be displayed rotated to draw attention to the data.


The action of placing cell contents that have been copied to the Office Clipboard is


A predefined formula is called a


An Excel ________ is a series of rows and columns that contains related data that is managed independently from other data in the worksheet.


MIN and MAX are examples of statistical functions.


Which Excel function would be used to find the middle value of a list of test scores?


The functions AVERAGE and MEDIAN are examples of ________ functions, which are useful when the user needs to analyze a group of measurements.


The data in an Excel table can only be sorted into ascending order.


Values are compared using ________ operators.


Excel's Print Titles command allows the user to specify rows and columns that will repeat on each printed page.


Excel's ________ function finds the largest value in a selected range of cells.


Functions that test for a specific condition are called ________ functions.


In Excel, data can be moved from one area to another using the mouse and a technique called drag and drop.


Each worksheet in a workbook must have the same headers and footers.


COUNTIF is an example of a logical function.


Logical functions are used to test for specific conditions.


Which of the following is an example of a logical test?

D5 > 45

The Excel operator for not equal to is


A ________ provides a visual cue about the value of a cell relative to other cells.

data bar

>, >=, and = are examples of conditional operators.


IF is an example of a statistical function.


Excel's ________ function adds all of its arguments then divides the sum by the number of arguments.


The Excel function ________ would be used to find the lowest score on a series of student test scores.


The target destination for data that has been cut or copied using the Office Clipboard is called the paste area.


Using ________ searches the spreadsheet for one value and replaces it with another.

Find and Replace

Excel's Paste Options gallery does not include Live Preview.


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