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Taking entities as tables, each row is a ________.
In database management system (DBMS), data are kept separate from the applications' programming code. This means that ________.
database does not need to be changed if a change is made to an application
common way to represent a data model is a(n) ________.
entity-relationship diagram
Data type helps the DBMS ________.
allocate storage space
Bringes, a retail chain, has retail stores across three states. With its current legacy system, Bringes is having problems tracking the inventory levels for its stores. It is planning to implement Oracle database systems to replace this legacy system. Which of the following most supports Bringes' decision to replace its legacy system with an Oracle database system?
Bringes' channel partners use a database system that supports the Oracle database system.
Treston, an automobile manufacturer, has recently implemented a new database system. It is confident that this system will help enhance the company's internal (employees) and external (customers and channel partners) communication. Treston is planning to pursue a just-in-time inventory system soon after the database system is implemented. After the implementation of the database system, however, Treston realized that the database system was not effective. Which of the following, if true, can be cited as a reason for the failure of Treston's database system?
Treston's new database system was not supported by the database system of its suppliers and distributors.
Business rules are captured by the designers of the database and included in the data dictionary to ________.
prevent illegal or illogical entries from entering the database
________ are used to capture data to be added, modified, or deleted from the database.
A(n) ________ is a compilation of data from the database that is organized and produced in printed format.
A query is used to ________.
retrieve information from a database
true about query by example capabilities in a database?
It helps to create a query quickly and easily.
true about an operational system?
It consists of narrow and simple updates and queries.
________ integrates data from various operational system
Data warehouse
The purpose of a data warehouse is to ________.
key business information into the hands of more decision makers
________ is a data warehouse that is limited in scope.
data mart
true about a data mart?
It contains selected information from the data warehouse
Online analytical processing tools enable users to ________.
analyze different dimensions of data beyond simple data summaries
In online analytic processing systems, ________ are the values or numbers the user wants to analyze
In online analytic processing systems, ________ provide a way to summarize the data.
true about digital dashboards?
It supports usage models like push reporting, exception reporting and alerts, and pull reporting.
The structure of the data is typically captured in a query.
Structured Query Language (SQL) is the most common language used to interface with databases
Online analytical processing systems are designed for efficient retrieval of data and categorize data as measures and dimensions.
The development of a data warehouse is associated with the "ETL" process.
A data mart stores master data only.
In an ACCESS database, we create and use reports to add, modify or delete data from the database.
Online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis is used primarily for assessment purpose
RFM analysis is used primarily for prediction purpose.
When performing unsupervised data-mining, analysts develop a model prior to their analysis.
When performing data-mining using decision tree analysis, analysts use "if...then" decision rules in the decision process