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excel 3

excel 3
You can select an element of a chart to format by using the Chart Elements box.
A line chart emphasizes the distinct values of each data point.
A pie chart must have a legend.
Deleting the contents of a cell also removes the format that has been applied to the cell.
Formula AutoComplete displays the names of functions that begin with the letter or letters you have typed in after the =.
Percent for new value is calculated using this formula: ________.
Base Percent + Percent of Increase
On a line chart, the y-axis is also known as the
value axis.
Changing a value in a cell to see what effect it has on values in other cells that are calculated using the value is said to be doing a
What-if Analysis
The percentage rate of increase is calculated by using this formula: ________.
Amount of Increase/Base
Under Paste Options you have the choice to paste the calculated values instead of the formulas.
Graphics cannot be placed in a text box.
A workbook sheet that contains only a chart is called a(n)
Chart Sheet
On a line chart, the x-axis is also known as the
category axis.
The spacing between tick marks is determined by the ________.
Major Unit Value
The ________ is the percent by which one number increases over another during a specified time frame.
percentage rate of increase
According to Excel's order of operations, addition and subtraction are done before exponentiation.
________ are short lines that appear on an axis at regular intervals.
Tick marks
Time is displayed along the y-axis on a line chart.
The order of operations used in Excel says that consecutive operators with the same level of precedence are done from right to left.
If you want to chart trends over time, you should use a ________ chart.
One way to tell which slice of pie on a pie chart goes with which set of data is to look at the
By default, the plot area and the chart area are filled with different colors.
Exploding a slice of a pie chart causes it to completely disappear from the chart.
A ________ is a value that originates in a worksheet cell and is represented in a chart.
data point
In Excel, the ________ is made up of the chart and all of its elements.
chart area
A(n) ________ is a line that borders the chart plot area and serves as a frame of reference for measurement.
On a line chart, the area that identifies the categories of data is called the
An image that appears to have length, width, and depth is said to be
Excel's Number format leaves a space at the right of the number for a closing parenthesis in case the value is negative.
A(n) ________ refers to a cell by its fixed position in the worksheet.
absolute cell reference
The plot area and the chart area are the two background elements of an Excel chart.
Excel's ________ allows you to select a chart element so that you can format it.
Chart Elements box
To identify which slice of pie corresponds to which set of data points, you look at the value axis.
To ________ one or more slices on a pie chart means to pull the slice(s) away from the rest of the chart.
A cell address used in a formula using a(n) ________ will be adjusted appropriately when the formula is copied to another cell.
relative cell reference
A pie chart should be limited to no more than seven categories.
Once a pie chart is created, it cannot be rotated.
A 3-D image appears to have length, width, and depth.
Each pie slice displayed on a pie chart is an example of a
data marker.
Why would you explode a slice on a pie chart?
To emphasize the slice to the person viewing the chart.
Value after increase is calculated by using this formula: ________.
base * percent for new value
The AutoFill feature will continue a series based on the values placed in two or more consecutive cells.
The ________ identifies patterns and colors assigned to categories in the chart.
When calculating the amount of increase, the ________ is the starting point for the data.
Page Layout view is available for chart sheets.
The sizes of pie slices are automatically adjusted when the underlying data values are changed.
Goal Seek is an example of a what-if analysis tool.
A dotted border around an object indicates that the entire object is selected.
A movable, resizable container where text or graphics can be placed is called a
text box.
Which type of chart would be the best to chart the number of votes each candidate received compared to the total number of votes cast?
pie chart