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when was Turkey's economic crisis?

2000- early 2001

financial aid from ____ has stabilized Turkeys economy


what is still a problem with Turkey's economy?


what was Turkey's GDP in 2002?

468 billion

what are the GDP sectors?

agriculture- 13% industry- 30% services- 57%

what was the unemployment rate in 2002?


what are 3 major exports?

textiles, leather, figs

what are 3 major imports?

crude oil, chemicals, machinery

name 3 countries that are major trading partners

Germany, U.S., Russia

what is significant about the city of troy?

Trojan war

what is the largest city in Turkey?


what is the famous thing made in Iznik?

blue tiles

what are found in Cappadocia?

ancient churches

Where is the ancient capitol of Hittites?


What is found is Ephesus?

Temple of Artemus one of the seven great wonders of the ancient world

where was the center of Greek culture and learning?


what is found in Aspendos?

one of the best preserved theaters in the ancient world

houses the works of the works of the founder of the Whirling Dervishes

Mausoleum of Mevlana.. in Konya

official name

republic of Turkey




Republican parliamentary democracy

what percent in Kurdish and what percent is Turkish?

80% Turkish 20% Kurdish

what is the main religion?


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