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  1. Direct Method
  2. Melting Pot Theory
  3. personal pronouns
  4. Cummins'
  5. Monitor Hypothesis
  1. a when people form other cultures assimilate to the point where their original identities and culture disappear- they become a uniform culture
  2. b takes the place of a name of a person, place, or thing
  3. c had theories on BICS and CALP
  4. d use target language in instruction to communicate and think in target language. Constant question and response with teacher and students.
  5. e rules are used to double check what we say or write; requires time; focus on how something is said rather than the message itself; "middle of the road" is the best approach to monitoring

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  1. the smallest linguistic unit of sound that can signal a difference in meaning
  2. English to speakers of other Languages
  3. social language, academic language, sociocultural knowledge
  4. all the phones that make up on phoneme
  5. says it takes 5 to 7 years to learn academic English (new research suggest now 7-10 years)

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  1. Multiple Exposuresa pair of words that differ by only 1 phoneme (dog/bog)


  2. CALLACognitive Academic Language Learning Approach.


  3. Enculturationcultures mix together in a culture of respect for diversity. Groups retain their culture identities


  4. nasalssound comes through the nose (m)


  5. liquidsBasic Interpersonal Communication Skills