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  1. semantics
  2. consonant cluster
  3. consonant diagraph
  4. free morphemes
  5. Suggestopedia
  1. a base in rot words that can stand alone
  2. b To learn at an accelerated pace for everyday communication. Immersion.
  3. c a group of 2 or more consonant together with no intervening vowel (ex: pl, st. caught)
  4. d two consonants pronounced a a single sound (ch, sh, th, wh)
  5. e the study of word meanings, idioms, and non-literal expressions

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  1. input should be slightly beyond students' current level (i+1) for acquisition to occur; pictures, gestures, tone of voice help make input comprehensible; frequently use key vocabulary words.
  2. says it takes 5 to 7 years to learn academic English (new research suggest now 7-10 years)
  3. required schools to design language programs to climate language barriers in schools
  4. produced by briefly stopping air and then releasing it with some friction (church)
  5. alternating between two or more languages, dialects, or registers in a single conversation

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  1. Ethnocentrismthe tendency to evaluate other groups according to the values and standards of ones own ethnic group, especially with the conviction that one;s own ethnic group is superior to the other groups


  2. Title IIIprohibits denial of equal access b/c of limited English proficiency. Specifically prohibits programs that don't teach English as soon as possible.


  3. SIOP StrategiesFrequent discussion among teacher/students, students/students about the key concepts. Group students to support lesson objectives, provide wait time for student responses.


  4. fossilizationthe point past which language learners can not progress without exceptional effort


  5. Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)Stephen Krashen says reading material should be slightly above students' independent reading level (i+1).