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  1. inflectional morphemes
  2. morphology
  3. Direct Method
  4. CALLA (Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach)
  5. Audio- Lingual
  1. a teaches explicit learning strategies while language is taught through content. Great for middle school and high school teachers.
  2. b the study of words and their internal organization
  3. c Learn structural form of the language, acquire core sets of language habits. Teacher reinforces correct responses, teacher directed
  4. d affixes that can be added to a morpheme without changing its part of speech/suffixes
  5. e use target language in instruction to communicate and think in target language. Constant question and response with teacher and students.

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  1. the study of word meanings, idioms, and non-literal expressions
  2. To learn at an accelerated pace for everyday communication. Immersion.
  3. the intent of language, what the speaker means to convey
  4. governs the form or structure of a language (sentences). Specifics what word combinations are acceptable and what ones are not.
  5. used to ask questions

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  1. Natural Order Hypothesisfeatures of speech appear in predictable order; sounds come first with some coming before others; statements before questions and positives before negative; order is determine by the language acquired, not the first language


  2. SIOP Building BackgroundFrequent discussion among teacher/students, students/students about the key concepts. Group students to support lesson objectives, provide wait time for student responses.


  3. consonant clusterstudents create their knowledge through real life experiences


  4. Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)Use of acting out, games, and skill- kinesthetic


  5. phoneticsthe study of sounds across languages


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