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  1. phones
  2. allophones
  3. silent period
  4. morphology
  5. CALLA (Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach)
  1. a understanding language before being able to produce. The first state of language acquisition
  2. b teaches explicit learning strategies while language is taught through content. Great for middle school and high school teachers.
  3. c all the phones that make up on phoneme
  4. d the group of sounds that make up a phoneme
  5. e the study of words and their internal organization

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  1. a bilingual program designed to move students to English proficiency as soon as possible. Then native language is discontinued.
  2. English Language Learner
  3. Language is learned best when it is whole and in context. Focus on meaning and using language to communicate reading writing, speaking, and listening are all essential components.
  4. Limited English Speaker
  5. can't discriminate based on language and must provide appropriate educational accommodations to non English speakers.

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  1. Title VI- Civil Rights Act 1964requires Ell's to receive equal numbers of textbooks and other resources as their English speaking peers


  2. Monitor Hypothesisinput should be slightly beyond students' current level (i+1) for acquisition to occur; pictures, gestures, tone of voice help make input comprehensible; frequently use key vocabulary words.


  3. Melting Pot Theorythe type of language used in a particular context (casual, professional)


  4. SIOP Lesson PreparationFrequent discussion among teacher/students, students/students about the key concepts. Group students to support lesson objectives, provide wait time for student responses.


  5. Direct Methoduse target language in instruction to communicate and think in target language. Constant question and response with teacher and students.


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