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  1. Key Components of Effective ESL Instruction
  2. Melting Pot Theory
  3. minimal pairs
  4. lexicon
  5. blends
  1. a the words and meanings in a language
  2. b two letters that are pronounced together with each letter retaining it pronunciation
  3. c 1. Clearly defined language and content objectives
    2. Building background knowledge
    3. Comprehensible Input
    4. Strategies
    5. Opportunities for student interaction
    6. Practice and Application
    7. Effective lesson delivery
    8. Review and Assessment of key vocabulary and key content objectives.
  4. d when people form other cultures assimilate to the point where their original identities and culture disappear- they become a uniform culture
  5. e a pair of words that differ by only 1 phoneme (dog/bog)

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  1. Learn set patterns and then substitute in new words. Stress pronunciation and repetitive drills.
  2. rules are used to double check what we say or write; requires time; focus on how something is said rather than the message itself; "middle of the road" is the best approach to monitoring
  3. nervousness, boredom, and anxiety have a negative affect on comprehension
  4. a bilingual program that strives for full bilingualism and bi-literacy. Native language instruction continues after English proficiency is attained.
  5. Second language

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  1. LEPLimited English Proficiency


  2. silent periodunderstanding language before being able to produce. The first state of language acquisition


  3. morphemethe smallest grammatical unit that is indivisible without violating meaning or producing meaningless sounds-dog


  4. Castaneda v. PickardKrashen's acquisition theories. Provide low risk context for natural acquisition occur. Teacher teaches in context (theme based)


  5. Learning/Acquistion Hypothesisnervousness, boredom, and anxiety have a negative affect on comprehension