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  1. SIOP Practice and Application
  2. Krashen
  3. Cummins'
  4. Audio- Lingual
  5. Integrated Language Approach
  1. a had theories on comprehensible input (i+1)
  2. b Language is learned best when it is whole and in context. Focus on meaning and using language to communicate reading writing, speaking, and listening are all essential components.
  3. c Provide hands-on materials or manipulatives. Activities to apply knowledge, activities that integrate all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening).
  4. d had theories on BICS and CALP
  5. e Learn structural form of the language, acquire core sets of language habits. Teacher reinforces correct responses, teacher directed

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  1. the study of word meanings, idioms, and non-literal expressions
  2. a bilingual program designed to move students to English proficiency as soon as possible. Then native language is discontinued.
  3. Links concepts to background knowledge and to past learning. Emphasize key vocabulary.
  4. Students listen to dialogue, then answer a series of questions, visual aids & pantomime used
  5. Limited English Speaker

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  1. consonant diagraphtwo consonants pronounced a a single sound (ch, sh, th, wh)


  2. rising intonationthe point past which language learners can not progress without exceptional effort


  3. nasalsEnglish to speakers of other Languages


  4. aspirationproduced by a constant flow of air through the vocal tract (f and v)


  5. Sheltered Instructionwide reading is how most new words are acquired