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  1. LFS
  2. morpheme
  3. Natural Order Hypothesis
  4. Krashen
  5. register
  1. a had theories on comprehensible input (i+1)
  2. b features of speech appear in predictable order; sounds come first with some coming before others; statements before questions and positives before negative; order is determine by the language acquired, not the first language
  3. c Limited formal schooling
  4. d the type of language used in a particular context (casual, professional)
  5. e the smallest grammatical unit that is indivisible without violating meaning or producing meaningless sounds-dog

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  1. Counselor facilitates and supports students in communicating with a group. Students choose what they want to learn.
  2. a group of 2 or more consonant together with no intervening vowel (ex: pl, st. caught)
  3. produced by a constant flow of air through the vocal tract (f and v)
  4. applying a rule of syntax to all situations "goed, "comed", vs "went" and "came"
  5. applying rules of syntax from first language to the second language (ex: I saw the car blue)

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  1. fossilizationthe point past which language learners can not progress without exceptional effort


  2. affricativesproduced by a constant flow of air through the vocal tract (f and v)


  3. Suggestopediaformed by completely blocking the air and releasing it bilabials- stopped at lips


  4. inflectional morphemesaffixes that can be added to a morpheme without changing its part of speech/suffixes


  5. demonstrative pronounsused to relate to another noun in the sentence