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  1. inflectional morphemes
  2. CALP
  3. diagraph
  4. Equal Education Opportunities Act of 1974
  5. silent period
  1. a two letter spelling for 1 phoneme
  2. b Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
  3. c understanding language before being able to produce. The first state of language acquisition
  4. d required schools to design language programs to climate language barriers in schools
  5. e affixes that can be added to a morpheme without changing its part of speech/suffixes

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  1. when people form other cultures assimilate to the point where their original identities and culture disappear- they become a uniform culture
  2. must be attached to a root word to have meaning (suffixes and prefixes)
  3. memorize words as a whole
  4. used to ask questions
  5. the tendency to evaluate other groups according to the values and standards of ones own ethnic group, especially with the conviction that one;s own ethnic group is superior to the other groups

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  1. Natural Approachmemorize words as a whole


  2. Total Physical Response (TPR)Stephen Krashen says reading material should be slightly above students' independent reading level (i+1).


  3. phonemethe group of sounds that make up a phoneme


  4. LASLanguage Assessment Scale


  5. Invented spellingusing knowledge of letter names to try to spell words, best judgment of spelling (ex: elafunt for elephant)