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Chapter 9--lesson 1

The Interior Plains:
A. Central Plains: fertile, _______
B. ________ Plains: dry, flat

A. rolling
B. Great

Settling the Central Plains
A. ___________
1. First ___________ to
explore & settle this region
2. Came from ___________
3. Fur traders & trading

A. The French
1. Europeans
2. Canada
3. posts

Settling the Central Plains
B. Changes due to the
Louisiana ________(1803)
1. The plains region now
belonged to the _____ _____
2. American settlers headed
into the Central _________
a. Traveled in _________
b. Went across the _______
an area of flat or rolling
land covered mostly with
wildflowers & grasses.

B. Purchase
1. United States
2. Plains
a. wagons
b. prairie

Life in the Great Plains
A. _____________Act of 1862--
encouraged settlement on the
Great Plains
1. Land given away for ______
under this law
a. To a head of a family over
the age of ______
b. Given ______ acres
c. Must live on land for _______ years
and make _____________
2, The government also gave _______
on the Great Plains to the
_____________. ____________ travel
would later help more people
settle there.

A. Homestead
1. free
a. 21
b. 160
c. 5
2. land

Life in the Great Plains
B. Pioneer houses
1. Made of _______, a layer of soil
held together by ________ of
2. Very __________
3. Did not burn easily
(danger=prairie _______)
4. Had problems: damp and _______
with _________ roofs

1. sod
2. warm
3. fires
4. dirty

Life in the Great Plains
C. Pioneers had to be ________________
able to do most everything for
yourself, with no help
1. Homes on the Great Plains were
often a long way from towns
and ___________.
2. Neighbors could be _________

C. self-sufficient
1. stores
2. miles

IV. Plains Indians (the Sioux)
A. During the 1600's the Sioux settled
where _______ ____________ and
_________ _____________ are today.
B. Learned to _________, or fit their
ways of _________, to new

A. North Dakota
South Dakota
B. adapt

The Sioux Indians live in ___________


Tepees are cone-shaped tents made of _______ covered with animal __________


Tepees were easy to ____________


The Indians were always on the move, following the ____________.


The Sioux caught and tamed _________to hunt the buffalo.


The Sioux used buffalo to meet their needs:
1. meat for ________
2. made tepees, ________, & __________
3. used bone for tools and ____________
4. made fuel in the form of __________

1. eating
2. clothing & ropes
3. arrowheads
4. buffalo chips

Arrival of settlers changed the lives of the
1. buffalo herds were __________ off
2. settlers were using buffalo grazing
lands for their many ________

1. killed
2. farms

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